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Wooden House Surrounded by an Extensive and Vast Area of Nature

By Magaly Grosso


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Camilo House is a spacious private residence located in Parral, a city and commune in the Linares Province of Chile’s Maule Region, 350 kilometers south of Santiago. The home was designed by the architect Ignacio Correa for a family of farmers in the year 2016, and covers a total ground area of 340 square meters, or 3,679 square feet.

Wooden house surrounded by nature

The home sits in a plot of land in the middle of the countryside and which is occupied by no other homes, so that it is surrounded by nature in its purest state – lush forests and vast expanses of mossy green grass. The owners wished for the home to be an architectural and design representation of the surrounding landscape and culture of this area of southern Chile.

View of the construction made of wood
Side view of wooden house surrounded by green fields

The buildings’ exterior walls, clad in raw wood, are an expression of this idea, directly connecting the structure with the surrounding landscape. Wooden surfaces, including floors, walls, and ceiling, are also present in the interior, blending the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and bringing that connection to nature into the interior of the home. Clear glass walls look out into the green expanse, further facilitating this discourse, as well as allowing natural light to seep into the interior.

Side view of wooden house
House surrounded by nature
House surrounded by green fields
Wooden house

Interior of the house completely covered in wood
Living room with glass walls and bright wood
Entrance with glass door
Modern kitchen in white in contrant with the bright wood
Night view of the exterior of the house

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