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A Wooden House on a Verdant Slope

By • Feb 14, 2017

Built on a sloped landscape, this wonderful home of wooden walls and ample gardens was designed by the architectural firm arches and is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The home is surrounded by terraces and its walls are made of glass, which allows us to have a broad view of the grand gardens that envelop it, whether one is inside or outside.

View from the front of the house and part of the garden
Lateral view with entrance to the second level
Lateral view from where we can see the terrace of the home
Second level terrace
External view of the studio through the glass wall
Small terrace with wide glass windows

In the spacious living/dining room with ceiling and floors made of wood, not only do we marvel at the exquisite and cozy décor, but also enjoy nature through its wide windows. Abundant natural light filters in, bathing the space with sunlight and reflecting the verdant and exuberant vegetation that surrounds the home.

Resting area by the fireplace
View of the three shared spaces: the living room, resting area, and dining room

A modern kitchen in dark tones, in contrast with the amount of light that it receives, crowns the considerable space, harmoniously distributed across one level. Its tones and materials give it a sober and elegant quality, and infuse it with a unique simplicity.

Modern kitchen with black countertop
View from the spacious and luminous living/dining room

As it is placed on a sloped patch of land, one can enter through either level, and continue to explore the home through solid stairs built out of steel and wood. This continuity in tonality and material is important in maintaining the connection between both levels.

Stairs in solid wood
Stairs that connect the entrance to the main level
Minimalist closet in white
Desk area
Nocturnal view of the terraces and exterior areas
Aerial view

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