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Woonpioniers Creates Stunning, Space Efficient Wooden Cabin in Netherland Forest

By • Dec 21, 2018

Indigo Atelierwoning, a structure created innovative architect and design team Woonpioniers, is a bright, lovely wooden dwelling located in Geithem, The Netherlands. Nestled into a woodland area, this small, fresh feeling cottage is small but anything but cramped. Instead, it’s space efficient in a way that eliminates clutter and calms the mind.

Affectionately called Indigo for short, this ecologically sound structure follows a modular building concept. The intent of this project was originally to explore how small but effective “mass-customized” buildings might provide us all with healthier living solutions while still catering to individual needs and styles. Rather than adopting a “one size fits all” approach to housing, Woonpioniers prioritized green productivity, ease, and customization all at once.

To achieve these goals, designers aimed to actually invite potential dwellers into the design process of their home right from the beginning. This would facilitate a flexibility within the standard building framework that considers the context and lifestyle of each person. Although the Indigo is a an idea that might be produced on mass scale, this individualized process means that no two versions will ever be precisely the same!

This particular model, designed in partnership with a creative professional named Lia, was specifically customized to harness only the essentials in order to create a stunning, naturally inspired minimalist style. The inspiration in creating this aesthetic was Lia’s desire to create her natural stone art in the midst of the trees where she can absorb the calmness and beauty of the landscape around her.

To create a delineation between work and leisure, designers built a bright space that facilitates productivity on the ground floor, providing large windows with stunning nature views and lots of natural light. Above that, a relaxing loft bedroom is built. Rather than entirely cutting the two rooms off from each other, however, designers chose to leave space for the same picturesque windows to spill sunrise, daylight, and sunset auras into the room, creating an almost spiritual waking and winding down experience for the artist.

Besides the beauty of how customizable an Indigo home is, they’re also shockingly fast to build. They are made from pre-fabricated, bio-based elements, making them the perfect balance between “mass production” and eco-friendliness. As such, an Indigo can be installed in a single day! They’re not just convenient, however. The curved connections you’ll note between the wall and ceiling are resistant to weather based elements, making the structure incredibly strong, safe, and durable.

Because Indigo homes adopt an open concept layout on the inside, having no additional walls to the four on the outside, dwellers are afforded complete freedom of interior layout. This makes the home even more customizable. The way most inner structures are concentrated in the centre of the home, including the storage in the stairs, means that the view outside the home (whether it be Lia’s natural woodland landscape or someone else’s favourite secluded meadow or beach) is uninhibited from at least one side of the house, and both on the top floor. This integrates one’s surroundings into the interior experience despite the fact that the building is not actually one that physically blends interior and exterior environments.

Photographs by: Henny Van Belkom

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