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The Zapote House in Mexico, an Oasis Within a City

By Gabriela Vatu


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Built in 2018, this 615 square meters home in Merida, Mexico, is unassuming from the streets, but a real oasis once you step through the gate.

Zapote House
From the street, you can’t imagine the oasis behind the gates.

Created by the architects from EURK buildesign, with the project led by Roberto Diaz Braga, the home is located in a so-called “urban island,” an area that features everything inhabitants need to live in comfort.

Zapote house
The walkway towards the house gives you a taste of what’s to come.

From the street, this house doesn’t necessarily scream “look at me!” but once you pass through the gates, that changes completely. The walkway towards the house doesn’t tell the whole story of what you’ll find within the home or the inside garden, which is nothing short of breathtaking.

zapote house
From the lower floor you can admire the tall ceilings.
zapote house
The hallway is even more impressive from the top floor.

The entry hallway has an extremely tall ceiling, with the upper floor only taking up a portion of the area with a narrow hallway.

zapote house
The inner gardens are impressive.

The house “revolves” around the inner garden where you’ll find lots of trees and greenery, a sitting area, and a pool.

On one of the sides of the house, you’ll find the living area, with cozy couches that allow you to chill out in front of the TV. In another area, you’ll find a round table you can sit around and play boardgames, or chat with your favorite people. One of the best features of this area is the slide-away wall that enables the inhabitants to enjoy the outside weather, while inside.

zapote house
The living area of the Zapote house looks relaxing and welcoming.
zapote house
The kitchen overlooks the garden.
Zapote house
You can sit multiple people at the kitchen island.

The open kitchen is in another area, featuring a beautiful island with a cooktop and stools for those who want to help around or chat up the cook. On the other side of the house from the kitchen, circling the massive tree in the yard, you’ll find another large table you can sit around alongside tons of guests. The wall nearest the table also opens up towards the garden.

zapote house
The dining area opens up to the outside as well.

Outside, the garden is gorgeous. Mature trees give plenty of shade, allowing the inhabitants to enjoy a green oasis. A  beautiful pool is also present, enabling those who want to take a swim. In the beautiful weather from Merida, Mexico, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a perfect time for a dip.

zapote house
The house features a wonderful pool to relax in.

The home features multiple bedrooms, all of them on the upper floor. The rooms are spacious and so are the bathrooms that are spa-worthy.

zapote house
The hallway features a sitting area.
zapote house
A spacious bedroom overlooks the green oasis.
zapote house
The house comes with multiple cozy bathrooms.

You can check out the plans for the home’s right here so you can draw inspiration for your own oasis.

zapote house
The lower floor plans.
zapote house
The upper floor plans.

Photos: Tamara Uribe

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