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ColectivArquitectura Designs a Home with Stunning Views of Grândola, Portugal

By • Nov 14, 2016

Grândola by ColectivArquitectura (9)

Grândola is a residential project completed by ColectivArquitectura.

It is located in Grândola, Portugal.


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Future Architecture Thinking Designs the Stunning Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel in Grândola, Portugal

By • Dec 18, 2015

Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel by FAT (31)

Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel is a stunning project completed by Future Architecture Thinking in 2015.

The hotel is located in Grândola, Portugal.


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House in Comporta by RRJ Arquitectos

By • Mar 3, 2014

Located in Comporta, Grândola, Portugal, this concrete home was designed by RRJ Arquitectos.

The structure’s austere exterior gives way to an interior that has an easy elegance and a warmth that makes the spaces very comfortable.


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Casa en Melides by Pedro Reis

By • Jun 3, 2011 •  Selected Work 

Portuguese architect Pedro Reis has completed the Casa en Melides project in 2010.

Located in Melides, Grândola, on the southern Alentejo Coast in Portugal, this 3,700 square foot contemporary residence was designed as a vacation home/week end retreat.


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