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The Threshold Stairs House Sets Serene Atmosphere, Highlights Magnificat Views

By • Nov 23, 2021

Threshold Stairs House area

Tiny homes are all the rage these days, and they're that much more awesome when they're attached to a bigger house. The Threshold Stairs House in Ribes de Freser in Spain is a wonderful addition that should inspire us all.

RaveOn, the Glass and Wood Home You’ll Dream Of

By • Oct 11, 2021

RaveOn house with oak tree

When architects put their creativity to work, the results are impressive. Such is this Austin house that was built in 1956 and redone in 2018.

The Midlands Pavilion – A Modern Take on a Traditional South African Home

By • Sep 3, 2021

Midlands Pavilion outdoors kitchen

Traditional houses look different in various areas of the world. For instance, in South Africa, in traditional villages, family homes were decentralized. This is exactly what the Midlands Pavilion, a home in Nottingham Road, tries to mimic.

The Cove House – A Jem Near Panshet Dam

By • Aug 9, 2021

This beautiful home is super easy to notice, beautiful inside and outside. Located in Panshet, India, this 170 square meters home was just finished in 2021.

The Camp Spirit Lake House Offers Nature, Fun, and Privacy

By • Jul 27, 2021

Up in Wisconsin, in Lac du Flambeau, sits an impressive guest house. Dubbed the Camp Spirit Lake, this house is rather impressive in design and placement, so we're sure you'll love it.

Nirmal Farm – The House that Embraces Nature

By • Jul 23, 2021

nirmal farm outdoor dining

Located in Bharuch, India, this wonderful house covers some 14,000 square feet, and has just been completed. Built by the architects from Dipen Gada and Associates, the house is located in a dense chiku plantation.

Villa Sept Petites – The Surprising Contrasts

By • Jul 23, 2021

Villa Sept Petites outdoors

Located in Belgium, this eclectic house is next on our dream home list, mixing in the old with the new in an extremely interesting way. The Villa Sept Petites was built in 2017 in Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes.

The Stepping Stone House – An City Gem for Extra Privacy

By • Jul 19, 2021

Over in Melbourne, Australia, there's not as much space as there is in the country, so house lots aren't that large. This beautiful home, however, makes the most out of the space it does have and beautifies it too.

Silkworm Sanctuary, the Mexican Building that Blends with the Environment

By • Jun 30, 2021

Over in San Pedro Cajones, in Mexico, this architectural gem is keeping things interesting. The Silkworm Sanctuary is like nothing else you've seen, with the rooms spreading on different levels, the buildings connected by outdoor stairs and pathways.

Minimalist Shack in the Australian Outback Steals the Show

By • Jun 24, 2021

While some folks seek to make their homes as large as possible, others are more into the minimalist, tiny living. Over in Australia, we found the "shack in the rocks," a home that's tinier than most and an inspiration to many of us.

Californian Roofless House Comes with Its Own Oasis

By • Jun 21, 2021

Those who live in busy neighborhoods know that privacy and views are somewhat of a luxury. The Roofless House solves that problem rather well, giving the owners everything they need.

1930s Churchtown House Gets Extended with Perfect Kitchen and Dining Area

By • Jun 16, 2021

Churchtown House

Sometimes, the best way to enhance the functionality of your home is to extend it. When the house was built some 90 years ago, however, that may prove to be a bit more difficult as you have to maintain the spirit of the house intact, and that's what the experts from Scullion Architects managed to do.

Dream SL House Near Canberra Offers Wonderful Views Through Every Window

By • Apr 29, 2021

SL House

Modern homes blend in with the environment, come with ingenious solutions to heating and cooling the rooms, and offering the inhabitants everything they need. The SL House in Australia proves that several times over.

The Dragonfly House Offers Best Views of Whitefish Lakes

By • Apr 23, 2021

Dragonfly House

In Whitefish, Montana, a gem of a house is hidden in the middle of nature - the Dragonfly House. This vacation house creates a great place for a young family to take a breather outside of the city out on the shore of the lake.

The CasiTa in Phoenix Comes With Huge Pivoting Glass Door

By • Apr 15, 2021


The Casita House in Phoenix, United States stands out thanks to its modern design and attention to detail. It's a beautiful home that's not massive, yet plenty spacious, created by the architects at The Ranch Mine.

The Zapote House in Mexico, an Oasis Within a City

By • Apr 13, 2021

zapote house

Built in 2018, this 615 square meters home in Merida, Mexico, is unassuming from the streets, but a real oasis once you step through the gate.

Dream Home With Sliding Wall Comes With a Pool in Comporta, Portugal

By • Apr 7, 2021

Situated in an oceanside paradise in Portugal, this Comporta home is absolutely stunning; the perfect mix between comfort, luxury, and everything that makes a beach house idyllic, even if not necessarily on the side of the Ocean.