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Turning Your Bedroom into a Comfortably Cool Summertime Sleeping Space

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Getting a comfortable night’s sleep during the balmy summer months can be quite the undertaking. Few things are less conducive to a good night’s rest than extreme heat, and despite the abundance of gorgeous weather summer days bring, summer nights can be a trying time for sensitive sleepers. In addition to difficulty functioning, poor quality of sleep is conducive to a wide range of health and behavioral issues. Fortunately, while maintaining a high quality of sleep throughout the summer months may be challenging, it’s not nearly as daunting as you may think. As you’ll find, turning your bedroom into a comfortably cool summertime sleeping space is well within your abilities.

Install a Good Ceiling Fan

A good ceiling fan can be a boon to your summertime sleep quality. By circulating cool air throughout your home, ceiling fans effectively reduce energy costs while helping your residence maintain a comfortable temperature. During the summer months, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise, as this enables the blades to push cool air down in a column. This, in turn, makes the air feel cooler than it actually is. Anyone serious about summertime sleep comfort needs a dependable ceiling fan in their bedroom.

Invest in the Right Mattress

Your bed is undeniably the most important part of your bedroom. Without a comfortable bed, a good night’s sleep is unattainable, regardless of the weather. So, if your mattress has seen better days or is well past its prime, you’d do well to invest in a new one. Given how much use most mattresses get and how important they are to sleep quality, it pays to do your research before making a decision. A plethora of factors go into determining which mattress is best-suited to your individual needs, so you shouldn’t simply sink money into the first semi-attractive option you come across.

Throughout your search, comfort should be foremost on your mind, and a good hybrid latex mattress can more than deliver in this department. Once you’ve found your ideal mattress, make sure you have a bedframe that’s both sturdy and large enough to comfortably support it.

Utilize Lightweight Fabrics

Using your wintertime bedding during the summer is basically asking for trouble. Whereas winter bedding is designed to retain as much heat as possible, summertime bedding is made with breathability in mind. When shopping around for the right summertime bedding, look for sheets and comforters that utilize natural fibers – i.e., cotton or bamboo – and high-tech wicking fabrics, like the ones that are used to create workout clothes. Take care to avoid high thread counts, as these can trap body heat.

You should adopt a similar approach when searching for summertime pajamas. Although silk nightwear is popular, it can trap body heat, making it a poor choice for summer. Instead, look for sleepwear made from lighter materials, like bamboo hybrids, linen and cotton.

Block Out the Sun

The summertime sun stands to add quite a bit of heat to your bedroom. Although air conditioning and ceiling fans can go a long way in keeping this space nice and cool, the heat generated by the sun doesn’t make this task easy. So, if your bedroom is located in an area that receives a significant amount of sunlight, invest in sun-blocking curtains. While a little bit of sunlight is still liable to find its way into the room, the amount of sunlight that penetrates this space will be significantly reduced.

If you’re not thrilled about the idea of spending money on new curtains, consider investing in sun-blocking window coverings. These coverings are affordable on virtually any budget and are very easy to attach to windows. Just keep in mind that blackout coverings aren’t as resilient as sun-blocking curtains and are unlikely to last as long. Additionally, stick-on coverings that have been removed from windows generally cannot be reattached.

The quality of one’s sleep is very important. Not only does a good night’s rest help recharge your batteries and leave you primed to tackle the day ahead, it can also provide you with a healthier outlook and heightened ability to function. Since comfortably sleeping through the night can prove challenging in extreme heat, it’s imperative that you make a few adjustments to your bedroom during the summer months.

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  1. Our needs and desires change over time, depending on the kind of mood we are in. Especially when it comes to the summertime, we are in the mood for something extremely light and cool. The one time when this is possible the most is when we are about to sleep and that makes it important for us to decorate our bedroom. This blog beautifully encapsulates all the various things we can keep in mind when we are going for a comfortable and cool sleeping space that any homeowner can incorporate in their bedrooms by calling professionals for the job.


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