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A Stunning Private Villa in Tarragona, Spain

By • Apr 11, 2016

Villa Close to the Sea by White Houses Costa Dorada (12)

Designer Villa Close to the Sea is a private home located in Tarragona, Spain.

It was designed by White Houses Costa Dorada.


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House For A Photographer 2 by OAB

By • Dec 12, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Barcelona-based architectural firm OAB has designed the House For A Photographer 2.

Completed in 2006, this contemporary home features a white exterior and was inspired by Picasso’s cubist art. It is located in Tarragona, Spain.


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Ch_V House by Aguilera Guerrero

By • Mar 17, 2013

Aguilera Guerrero created this contemporary residence for a client located in Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain.

Perforations on the facade allow natural light to enter the home while providing privacy.


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