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7 Modern Chairs by Casamania

By Eric Meunier


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Founded in 1984, Casamania is an Italian furniture company that covers the worlds of contract and design with a universe of objects which range from modular systems to seating, lighting and accessories.

X-Tile Chair

Design by Pastorino & Suarez, the X-Tile chair is a seat with linear shapes, composed of square units (tiles) in polycarbonate in different colors, fixed on crosswise supports in plastic. The peculiarity of the fixing makes the single modules independent and adjustable to the various body pressures, assuring a perfect comfort.

Available in different versions, X-tile is a seats system which offers a wide range of uses both in public or domestic spaces.

Abarth Chair

For decades Abarth, the auto-sport division of the Fiat group, has been celebrated for its customized Fiat automobiles, characterized by a close attention to details, the use of innovative materials and the production of fast, hi-performance and fun-to-drive vehicles.

Fabio Novembre was inspired by these elements, transforming them into a chair: dynamic lines that symbolize speed give rise to transparent profiles which recall the rush of the wind during a race. A light but highly distinctive seat is matched with a reverse cantilever base. The result is a modern and sporty chair, easily recognizable thanks to its forceful and dynamic silhouette.

Nuance Chair

Designed by Luca Nicetto, Nuance is a new concept in upholstered seating. Nuance is available in two versions: one designed to be used with a table, and a ‘lounge’ version- lower, wider and more welcoming. The upholstery of Nuance incorporates a subtle range of colors thanks to the careful workmanship involved in utilizing fabric off-cuts.

Nuance combines a strong ergonomic approach with visual appeal and the hand-made tradition of the master craftsman, giving extra value to the product as well as minimizing waste.

Lobby Chair

Design by Oslo-based agency Stokke Austad, the armchair, which is available completely upholstered either in fabric or leather, is born from the desire to create a product that creates a space for itself. The extruded armrests delineate an area into which the user enters when he sitting down.

The same armrests also offer comfort and an inviting space whilst adding a distinctive character to the chair. The form of the chair is clear and decisive with a strong profile and clean lines while the inside is softer and molded to accommodate the user. Lobby is created from fire-resistant cold formed foam over an internal structure in metal.

Vad Chair

Designed by Luca Nicetto, the Vad pays a tribute to the tradition of the Scandinavian masters. The body of the chair, durable and striking, is produced in recyclable reinforced polypropylene by means of injection molding in a single block and using certified Polygiene technology, rendering the product antibacterial.

Also available with swivel base, the Vad chair offers stackability and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor spaces, making it a fit for both contract and domestic environments.

Twenty Chair

Produced for the Casamania twenty-year and designed by Delineo Design, Twenty is a project for the home and contract market characterized by a strong personality and studied in each detail. The armchair with a large shell-shaped seat with soft and wiggly lines is made of self colored polyethylene rotationally molded.

Different metal structure versions are available according to the spaces where the product is put. The large opening in the backrest with handle shape is not only a decoration detail but it makes functional the seat.

Him & Her

The Him & Here chairs designed by Fabio Novembre are crafted from rotationally molded polyethylene. Their shapes were created using a 3 dimensional scan of 2 plaster sculptures. Available in two different finishes: matt polyethylene, mass-dyed rotation molded and in glossy varnished polyethylene.

“Him & Her are born directly from the ideas behind the Panton Chair. An evolution of the hermaphroditic original, declined into the harmony of the two sexes. They assume sculpted forms like naked models of seduction…but they feel no shame.”

Photos courtesy of Casamania

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