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Incredible Two Billion pixel Interactive Image of Everest by David Breashears

By • Dec 20, 2012 •  Selected Work 

American Mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears captured 477 shots that make up the incredible gigapixel image of the Khumbu glacier, in the Khumbu region of northeastern Nepal between Mount Everest and the Lhotse-Nuptse ridge.

Breashears and his team at Glacierworks stitched them together to create one massive image that users can zoom in and out of.

“We want to tell the bigger story of climate change in the area, and we are working with Microsoft and the Royal Geographical Society on this.

The team eventually hope to develop a far larger version of the image so detailed users can actually zoom inside tents at base camp.

Just 1/100th of our imagery is on the site, and the storytelling possibilities are incredible – people love to move things,” said Breashears, who has climbed Everest five times.

Click the control buttons to navigate around the image below, and hover and click the green boxes to jump to key areas. (This animation requires Flash and won’t play on iPads/iPhones).

Photos by: Glacierworks
Source: Dailymail

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