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A Private Home in Miami Surrounded by Palm Trees and the Smell of the Ocean

By • Mar 1, 2016

Floating Eaves Residence by Kobi Karp (24)

Floating Eaves Residence is a private home located in Miami, Florida, USA.

It was designed by Kobi Karp.


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1 Hotel South Beach by Meyer Davis Studio Inc.

By • Jul 17, 2015

1 Hotel South Beach by Meyer Davis Studio Inc. (3)

1 Hotel South Beach is a stunning hotel located in South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA.

It was designed by Meyer Davis Studio Inc. in 2015.


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Brillhart House by Brillhart Architecture

By • May 1, 2015 •  Selected Work 

Brillhart House by Brillhart Architecture (12)

Brillhart House is a private home located in Miami River, Miami, Florida, USA.

The elegant and warm home was designed by Brillhart Architecture.


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Utopia Residence by [STRANG] Architecture

By • Mar 20, 2015 •  Selected Work 

Utopia Residence by [STRANG] Architecture (2)

Utopia Residence is a modern home designed by [STRANG] Architecture for an art collector.

Completed in 2008, it is located in Coconut Grove, the oldest modern continuously-inhabited neighborhood of Miami in Florida, USA.


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Peribere Residence by [STRANG] Architecture

By • Nov 18, 2014 •  Selected Work 

Peribere Residence by Max Strang Architecture (30)

Peribere Residence is a 6,000 square foot modern concrete home designed by [STRANG] Architecture.

Completed in January 2014 for $2.5 million, it is located on Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida.


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La Maison au bord de l’eau by Charlotte Perriand & Louis Vuitton

By • Apr 18, 2014

La Maison au bord de l’eau by Charlotte Perriand&LV (4)

La Maison au bord de l’eau was a home designed by Charlotte Perriand 1934, and finally built by Louis Vuitton for a Design Miami 2013 satellite exhibition.

It is located in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, with a fresh and elegant interior, and with its feet firmly planted in the sand of the adjacent beach.


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Coral Gables Residence by Touzet Studio

By • Jan 3, 2014 •  Selected Work 

Coral Gables Residence was designed by Touzet Studio, and is located in Miami, Florida.

The home has stunning views over Biscayne Bay, and an interior that is chic and stylish.


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Miami Modern Home by DKOR Interiors

By • Jul 29, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Miami Modern Home is a private residence designed by DKOR Interiors.

Located in Miami, Florida, each room in the home is unique, some more elegant, some more vibrant, giving the entire home a very interesting character.


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Breezy Home in Key Biscayne

By • Jun 22, 2013 •  Selected Work 

This breezy home is located in Key Biscayne, an island town near Miami, Florida, USA.

The home is a perfect white against the constant blue Floridian skies and the lush palm trees that inhabit its surroundings.


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Residence in Palazzo del Mare by Pepe Calderin Design

By • Apr 18, 2013 •  Selected Work 

This private residence is located in Palazzo del Mare, in Fisher Island, part of Miami, Florida, and it was designed by Pepe Calderin Design.

The interior is hip and stylish, with an abundance of decorative accessories that add character and sophistication.


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Horcasitas Apartment Remodel by DEN Architecture

By • Dec 7, 2012

DEN Architecture created this contemporary apartment for a couple located in Miami, Florida, USA.

It is an environmentally friendly renovation of an outdated space from the 1970’s.


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