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This is not a framed garden by Francis Landscapes

By Magaly Grosso


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This is not a framed garden is a landscaping project completed by Francis Landscapes and located in Bsalim, Lebanon.

The resulting product feels like a paradise far away from the smog and noise of civilization.

This is not a framed garden by Francis Landscapes:

“Built on a hill with an awe-inspiring 260 degree view of Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, this garden is integrated into the natural, hilly landscape. Ranging from a modern patio with infinity pool to a variety of themed gardens, all set within an existing pine forest, this project is designed to be the perfect escape into one’s own personal happiness.

From the onset, this project’s most important asset was its location: a hilly area, adorned with old elegant pine trees, overlooking a bustling city arising from a calming sea that blends into a horizon. A dream location, by any standards.

The challenge was to preserve the landscape’s natural aspects, all the while integrating a modern villa within it. In order to do this, we created a patio with impressive porticos that enhance the views by framing them, transforming nature into embracing walls, vibrant with life. The elegant pine trees contrast with the structured patio walls through which they appear, like a masterpiece in a museum.

From here, the infinity pool acts like a sheet of still water, creating a dialogue by reflecting the surroundings, bestowing upon visitors an overall effect of an infinite mirror between the city below and the sky above.

From the patio, a gated walkway lures wanderers into a moment of pure serenity, exciting them emotionally and tempting them to discover the essences of the gardens unwinding before them. Below lies an exciting combination of gardens, including a Japanese garden, a bamboo garden, a rock garden, and a modern garden. This was created to be a place of contemplation and comfort, where wanderers are free to stroll through and find their own patch of personal happiness.

With one step, the wanderer leaves behind the structured world and enters a realm with lush natural forests, where all the senses are charmed, breathing with occasional clearings linked by sinuous, winding pathways. Within these collocated worlds, one’s pleasures come out to be experienced through each of the senses.”

Photos courtesy of Francis Landscapes

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