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Gestec Designs a Spacious Contemporary Home in Finestrat, Spain

By • Dec 18, 2016

Casa Finestrat by Gestec (15)

Casa Finestrat is a private residence designed by Gestec.

Completed in 2015, it is located in Finestrat, Alicante, Spain.


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Antonio Altarriba Arquitecto Designs a Rustic Contemporary Home in Alicante, Spain

By • Dec 11, 2016

Driessen House by Antonio Altarriba Arquitecto (9)

Driessen House is a private home located in Alicante, Spain.

Completed in 2016, it was designed by Antonio Altarriba Arquitecto.


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San Miguel de Salinas by ÁBATON

By • Sep 23, 2014

San Miguel de Salinas by ÁBATON (5)

San Miguel de Salinas is a private residence located in Alicante, Spain.

It was designed by the Madrid-based ÁBATON.


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Pine Forest Pavilion by e2b arquitectos

By • Aug 16, 2014

Pine Forest Pavilion by e2b arquitectos (2)

Located in Alicante, Spain, Pine Forest Pavilion is a home designed by e2b arquitectos.

The project was completed in 2013, and the property covers an area of 1,938 square feet.


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Reform for Tobias and Reme by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

By • Apr 24, 2014

Reform by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos (11)

This reform of a home located in Petrer, Alicante, Spain, was carried out by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos.

The resulting home is bright and spacious, giving the interior a luminous tranquility.


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La Perla Del Mediterráneo by Carlos Gilardi

By • Mar 12, 2014

La Perla Del Mediterráneo by Carlos Gilardi (1)

La Perla Del Mediterráneo is a stunning contemporary home designed by Carlos Gilardi.

It is located in Alicante, Spain, covers an area of 4,540 square feet, and was completed in 2013.


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Pastor Apartment by ÉBANO Arquitectura de Interiores

By • Jan 5, 2014 •  Selected Work 

Spanish interior designer Joel Martinez Serra, principal of ÉBANO Arquitectura de Interiores completed the Pastor Apartment project.

Designed for a family of three, this 1,722 square foot contemporary apartment is located in Alcoy, a city located in the province of Alicante, Spain.


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Vivienda Teresa by Rocamora Arquitectura

By • Oct 18, 2013

Vivienda Teresa is located in Elche, Alicante, Spain, and was designed by Rocamora Arquitectura.

It was completed in 2010, and emphasizes a vertical distribution of space.


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La Marseta Country House by Sonia Miralles Mud

By • Mar 18, 2013

This modern residence is a 2009 project by Sonia Miralles Mud that is located in Mutxamel, Alicante, Spain.

It was created from a converted tool shed that has been cleverly designed to maximize the space.


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Garden House by Joaquín Alvado Bañón

By • Feb 1, 2013

Spanish architect Joaquín Alvado Bañón has designed the Garden House.

Completed in 2012, this contemporary house couples nature and the man-made, not only by unobstructed views of the garden, but also by allowing the landscaping to actually climb up some of the house’s outer surfaces.


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Loft in El Campello by COR

By • Apr 8, 2011 •  Selected Work 

This 624 square foot one bedroom apartment was fully renovated by Spanish architectural firm COR to accommodate the needs of a young couple.

Situated in Campello near Alicante, Spain, the apartment is located in a building of small dwellings for seasonal use that was built in 2007, only a few step away from the beach.

One cool new feature is the movable glass panels of the terrace that can slide along the walls, transforming the entire apartment into an area open to the sea!


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