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Vivienda Teresa by Rocamora Arquitectura

By • Oct 18, 2013

Vivienda Teresa is located in Elche, Alicante, Spain, and was designed by Rocamora Arquitectura.

It was completed in 2010, and emphasizes a vertical distribution of space.

Vivienda Teresa by Rocamora Arquitectura:

“This plot was chosen by the owners due to their urbanite vocation. Placed in a quite street, with almost no traffic, in San Jose’s area in Elche. The plot dimensions are 7 x 10,5 m (23 x 35 ft), in a 4 m (13 ft) wide street.

Tripartite cooperation between: Maite (owner), Angel and Javier (project authors and one of them also an owner). Building “the oblique gaze” was the first decision: the façade is perforated with the minimum gap, the essential ones to accomplish the habitability regulation.

This gaps are built, also to get in touch with the street but preserving the intimacy and also getting the light inside the building. Life happens inside. A big courtyard, which dimension is the same as the wide of the street, turns to be the reliable centre and the most important room of the building, allowing the sun light gets into the interior.

The embodiment of the whole process is, practically, made by Angel. The solution and the material decisions are chosen by the economy and the catalog-portfolio as part of his life experience. Imagination as a tool is imposed over the sophistication, as a need to find new alternatives. The details reflect this concern about the simple trying to find the essential.”


Photos courtesy of Rocamora Arquitectura

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2 Comments to Vivienda Teresa by Rocamora Arquitectura
  1. Michele Danunzio Della Scorza says:

    Que interesante, y bello sobre todo porque es un espacio reducido pero bien aprovechado

  2. Sridhar says:

    With the space constraint, the Architects have done a commendable job. The layout is imaginative. The stairs ought to have been a bit wider with a landing midway.

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