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Fabulous Double Height Loft With Wonderful Views of the City

By Magaly Grosso


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This fantastic loft has a spacious and open living area and a wonderful double height ceiling, which undoubtedly adds an extra touch of elegance. This effect is enhanced when paired up with large windows, which allow natural light to seep in, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Living room with double height ceiling

This upward extension on an existing two-story terrace house located on an artificial island built on Lake IJ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, covers an area of 70 square meters and was designed by Peik Li Pang and Pieters Bouwtechniek, of the architectural studio 5ft2 Studio in 2014.

Double height ceiling with wonderful views of the city
Wooden stairs with library

As the home was designed for a family with three children, the parents wanted an extension of the duplex loft in which a quiet space was created for them. In this space, we find the second living room, the master bedroom, and an office. The design offers economically maximized functionality through the use of open, shared, and interconnected spaces that create the illusion of amplitude through the use of volume and light.

Wooden library attached to the stairs
Upper level with city views
Doors that give privacy to the second level
Open doors that connect the spaces

The master bedroom is located facing the street, as compact as possible to allow a spacious living room that overlooks the garden. The mini-library and stairs were designed with a high sense of space and are arranged within a narrow area of ​​4.5m wide. This was made possible by integrating the shelves with the two floors.

Room with large windows and views of the city
Night view of the building

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