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Stunning Concrete Home in Ubatuba by SPBR Arquitetos

São Paulo-based studio SPBR Arquitetos has designed this gorgeous concrete residence in Ubatuba, one of the most important coastal cities in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

The 3,660 square-foot home sits on a 180′ x 52′ lot. The design process started in 2004 and the house was completed in 2009.

House in Ubatuba by SPBR Arquitetos:

“This 55m x 16m ground plot, located at the far right end of Tenório’s Beach, borders on the seashore at one side and goes up a 50% slope hill, only reaching street level at 28 meters.

The hard steep hill and its trees are both protected by environmental laws. They have inspired the entire strategy used in the conception of the project.

Three columns, made in reinforced concrete, support the house. The casting of these columns is possible by the use of sliding forms. Four beams lay on the top of them in order to hang the slabs from above and also to avoid the use of support frames during the construction process, making it faster and more rational.

The very thin, beamless slabs and their level arrangements allow incredible sea views from every room inside the house.

The main access to the house is made “upside down”.

The terrace on top is at same level of the street. A bridge connects the street to the main entrance of the house, allowing different views of the sea, of the hill and of the trees. Besides preserving a natural landscape, this hanged house actually floats among the trees, surrounded by birds and open towards the sea.

In other words, this is a house that can smell, hear and see.”

Photos by: Nelson Kon
Source: ArchDaily

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