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The Stepping Stone House – An City Gem for Extra Privacy

By • Jul 19, 2021

Over in Melbourne, Australia, there’s not as much space as there is in the country, so house lots aren’t that large. This beautiful home, however, makes the most out of the space it does have and beautifies it too.

Built in 2016 by Craig Tan Architects, this 302 square meter home quickly got the name of the “Stepping Stone House.” The reasons for this are pretty simple – the walkway towards the house features numerous stepping stones over the narrow space.

The house plot itself is also fairly narrow, so the house has a tunnel shape. However, there’s also enough room on the plot for a green space so you can chill out outside as well.

The team of architects working on this house sought to create a deeper engagement with the natural elements and departed from the regular arrangement that features front and rear gardens. Instead, they consolidated the gardens in space that’s oriented to the North, at the front of the property.

A rustic fence separates the walkway from the garden, allowing even more privacy.

The home features a large entryway, a living room, a dining area and open kitchen, a study nook, and a studio, as well as a powder room and bathroom on the ground floor. Also, there’s a double garage at the back of the property.

The top floor features a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a laundry room, a study, a bathroom, and two more bedrooms.

The living area melts into the dining area where you can also find the crisp white kitchen.

The hanging lights give a cozy feeling to the area.

The kitchen is white and bright, featuring tons of storage space and plenty of countertop space too, thanks to the huge island.

The bathroom is a bit unconventional, featuring a slated sink with hidden drainage.

One of the most beautiful things about the house is the taut fiber cement panel rain screen. It also plays a privacy role as it masks most of the windows behind them.

You can check out the house plans below to better understand its layout and what makes it so special.

Photo: Jaime Diaz-Berrio

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Minimalist Shack in the Australian Outback Steals the Show

By • Jun 24, 2021

While some folks seek to make their homes as large as possible, others are more into the minimalist, tiny living. Over in Australia, we found the “shack in the rocks,” a home that’s tinier than most and an inspiration to many of us.

Created by architects from Sean Godsell Architects, this brand new construction covers 102 square meters and is located in the Victoria region, about an hour off from Melbourne.

The home features everything you need in the Australian outback – a roof parasol that provides some shade and protection from the rain, an outdoor area where you can cook, eat, and entertain, as well as a sitting area and a sleeping area.

There are two translucent sheds that are positioned to the east of a monolithic concrete plinth. One of the sheds is used for cooking and eating, while the other holds the sleeping quarters and a bathroom.

The inside is also pretty minimalist with wood and steel furniture. The wrap-around glass walls offer a great way to feel like you are in the middle of nature, while being protected from the scorching heat.

One of the most intriguing things about The Shed is its placement. The shed is placed among numerous rocks, offering an impressive view.

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Dream SL House Near Canberra Offers Wonderful Views Through Every Window

By • Apr 29, 2021

SL House

Modern homes blend in with the environment, come with ingenious solutions to heating and cooling the rooms, and offering the inhabitants everything they need. The SL House in Australia proves that several times over.

SL House
The house is surrounded by lots of trees.

Located in Aranda, a suburb of Canberra, the house needed to fit in with the characteristics of the location where you can find mature Eucalypts and Acacias as street trees and lots of other plants.

SL House
The house comes with a great design and a large garage.

One of the things the architects from Ben Walker Architects sought to do was to create an internal living environment that perfectly embraces the views offered by the area the house is built on. Therefore, the kitchen, the living, and dining spaces have views of the surrounding trees and hillsides.

SL House
The window nooks were thought out to allow views of the tree canopy and the sky.

The house features a lot of thin vertical apertures but also large, broad picture windows. The outside of the house is covered in steel and hardwood to better enhance the idea that there’s a desire to blend in with nature.

SL House
The retractable wall offers indoor-outdoor living.

The SL house also includes northern windows to provide passive heat gain in the window. At the same time, the windows include eaves or hoods to control heat gain during the scorching Australian summers. The walls are also built specifically for these jobs as they feature internal lining, stud frame, membrane, batten/air zone, plywood, membrane, and cladding. The floors and ceilings are also heavily insulated, and the windows feature high-performance glass to reduce thermal transfers from exterior to interior.

SL House
The kitchen furniture mixes in black and lighter shades of wood.

The house features a wonderful kitchen that mixes in black and rich wood colors. The ceiling of the kitchen comes in two levels, with windows inlaid between them, in order to allow even more light in.

SL House
The Kitchen features a large island and lovely views.
SL House
The kitchen features a ton of windows, so there’s lots of light.
SL House
The bathroom features the same shade of wood as the outside of the house.

The living room also comes with a wonderful feature where the wall retracts to allow access to the deck and the garden. The bedrooms also open up to the garden.

SL House
The living room window opens out onto the deck and the garden.
SL House
The garden of the house looks peaceful and some great views.

Photographs: Ben Guthrie

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Lachlan Shepherd Architects Design a Spacious Private Residence in Australia

By • Jan 31, 2017

Lahinch House by Lachlan Shepherd Architects (8)

There are many different features we picture when we try to think of our ideal modern home. Two of the biggest, however, are certainly the ability to enjoy the sunshine and the view from anywhere on the property, including inside the house, as well as the incorporation of art. Lahinch House features both of these things, so it’s no wonder that we were impressed when we saw the photos!


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Post Architecture Designs a Contemporary Residence in Perth, Australia

By • Jan 27, 2017

Riverdale Dormer House by post Architecture (1)

Have you ever looked at a house and, even just from standing on the sidewalk, you can just feel a thoroughly modern vibe from it building? Well, we think that’s what you’ll feel when you check out the pictures of this gorgeous private residence as well!


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Aspect 11 Designs a Home in the Melbourne Suburb of Northcote

By • Jan 26, 2017

Home in Northcote by Aspect 11 (15)

Have you ever walked into a home that was deceivingly average, though quite nice, on the outside of the house only to discover that the interior is a unexpectedly modern haven for the stylish soul? There are few things in home decor that we love more than a hidden contemporary gem lying in wait among the regular houses, ready to impress anyone who walks through the front door. That’s what seeing the stunning Home in Northcote is like!


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BKK Architects Design a Wooden Contemporary Home in Mt Martha, Australia

By • Jan 24, 2017

Split House by BKK Architects (28)

When it comes to ultramodern housing, shapes and angles are one of the most satisfying things we could possibly see in a photo. The more experimental and contemporary a structure is, the more we love it. We’re also pretty big fans of houses named after their unique shape as well. That’s why we were so pleased when we came across the photos of the aptly named Split House!


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ITN Architects Complete a Renovation and Extension to an Old 1880’s Victorian Brick House in an Old Suburb of Melbourne, Australia

By • Jan 16, 2017

Neumann Haus by ITN Architects (12)

In our coverage of freshly built and redesigned homes, we often come across architectural projects that involve updating older homes to give them a fresh lease a life. Occasionally we find that contemporary changes and additions can detract from the older charm of the building or look out of place in an older neighbourhood, but designers who really invest in the project and take care in creating contrast between the old and the new often create homes that are absolutely stunning in their update. One such example is Neumann Haus, a private residence in Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia.


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Nic Owen Architects Remodel a 1940s Home in Melbourne, Australia

By • Jan 11, 2017

The Journey by Nic Owen Architects (13)

The Journey is a private residence renovated by Nic Owen Architects.

It is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and was completed in 2014.


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Architecture Architecture Renovates a Home in Australia

By • Jan 5, 2017

The kite by Architecture Architecture (5)

Few things are as beautiful as an open concept home. That is, perhaps, except for an open concept home with so much architectural personality that it actually compels the owners to give it a beautiful name to match its whimsical appearance. If you’re curious about the kind of home we’re talking about, then just check out The Kite! More…

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Branch Studio Architects Design a Home in Victoria, Australia

By • Jan 4, 2017

Writer's House by Branch Studio Architects (21)

Writer’s House is a private home located in Victoria, Australia.

Completed in 2016, it was designed by Branch Studio Architects.


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Ben and Nicole Roe Design a Private Residence in Clifton Hill, Australia

By • Dec 29, 2016

The Tannery Apartment by Ben and Nicole Roe (1)

The Tannery Apartment is a private residence renovated by Ben and Nicole Roe.

It is located in Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia.


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Rara Architecture Renovates a Home in Melbourne, Australia

By • Dec 19, 2016

Monolith House by Rara Architecture (17)

Monolith House is a private residence renovated by Rara Architecture.

It is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and was completed in 2016.


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Studio Benicio Designs an Open Contemporary Home in Concord, a Suburb of Sydney, Australia

By • Dec 13, 2016

Concord House_I by Studio Benicio (4)

Concord House_I is a private residence designed by Studio Benicio.

The 2,476 square-foot home is located in Concord, Sydney, Australia.


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Studio Tate Designs a Contemporary Residence in Prahran, Australia

By • Dec 10, 2016

Y Residence by Studio Tate (8)

Y Residence is a private home located in Prahran, Australia.

It was designed by Studio Tate in 2016.


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ArchiBlox Designs a Contemporary Home in Avalon Beach, Australia

By • Dec 8, 2016

Avalon by ArchiBlox (2)

Avalon is a private home located in Avalon Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

It was designed by ArchiBlox in 2015.


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Josephine Hurley Architecture Designs a Contemporary Apartment in Surry Hills, Australia

By • Dec 5, 2016

Surry Hills Apartment by Josephine Hurley Architecture (3)

Surry Hills Apartment is a private home located in Surry Hills, Australia.

Completed in 2015, it was designed by Josephine Hurley Architecture.


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