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Contemporary House

Small Spaces that Give us Comfort

By • Jul 25, 2018

In this small apartment of only 30 square meters located in Budapest, Hungary, a system of translucent curtains has been installed. These help to define different areas in this small space without losing its style and elegance. The symbolic separation of functions using textiles in movement combines practicality and aesthetics, resulting in a light and open space that shines beyond its restricted size.

View of modern kitchen on white
Modern dining area
Details of the modern white dining room

During the renovation, the architecture firm Batlab, who carried out the project through its professionals gergő batizi-pócsi and péter batizi-pócsi demolished all the interior walls, leaving the outline of the apartment intact. An independent block, which includes the kitchen and bathroom, functions as the main space separator, splitting the entrance, the living / dining room, and the sleeping cabin into different areas.

The small space has been intelligently decorated in white, which has visually helped to give a feeling of spaciousness. Its scarce furniture creates comfortable, and at the same time, practical spaces.

Modern white room
Details of the curtain system
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Spectacular Project Designed to Maintain the Contact of Man with Nature

By • Jul 16, 2018

This project located in Sancheong-gun, South Korea has, among other things, spectacular views over a landscape of green mountains and a fantastic lake, which give its inhabitants an immense sense both of peace and tranquility.

Aerial view of the project surrounded by nature

As a curious fact I mention that the reservoir is artificial, as the lake in front of the site (which measures over 220,000 square meters) is an element of the landscape that did not originally exist. Maybe that is why such dramatic and mysteriously incidental scenes occur around this place, as if it were a place that not even the gods could have predicted.

Front view of the modern construction

The architectural firm JMY architects was commissioned to carry the project forward in 2016, led by a professional team composed of the architect Jaemin Yoon and the designer Seongmin Lee.

View of the terrace with views of the mountains
Exterior area in concrete

Being a place with few inhabitants, there is only a sincere dialogue between man and nature. The first method of dialogue was an interpretation of the “limit” where man meets nature. That is why the structure was planned to allow communication between the interior and exterior and between man and nature, through the various gaps that man has created in terms of his position towards nature.

Terrace with views of the mountains and the lake
Large interior with glass walls
Wooden stairs
Room with terrace
Night view
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Spectacular Project Undertaken by Architectural firm Martin Ferrero Architecture in the Yucatan Peninsula

By • Jun 11, 2018

A hybrid house by design, this project was undertaken by architectural firm Martin Ferrero Architecture, led by its professional architect Daniel Martín Ferrero. It is located on an island in the Caribbean Sea, near the Mexican Yucatan peninsula; its exact location, however, is not one that we can share publicly.

Spectacular panoramic view of the project
Aerial view of the project

It was ordered by a Swiss client with the intention of creating a home that was the definitive fusion of art, nature, and architecture. The client was specifically inspired by other architectural works, most notably House Fallingwater – by Frank Lloyd Wright – and Farnsworth House – by Mies van der Rohe. He wanted to adapt the architecture and language of the projects “Xálima Island House” and “Pabellón del Agua” to a Caribbean island where the Mesoamerican culture could be seen in all its splendor.

Aerial view of the modern project

This was all done in order to create a vocational home where the owner could experience a true tropical paradise and pay homage to the arts. It is a symbiosis between the environment and the artifice of the human race, where nature, steel, wood, and glass combine to create an architectural style that is dedicated to the human senses.

The project greatly appreciates the abundant vegetation
Spectacular construction over high rocks

The design investigates the potential of the fusion between the ancient Mayan architecture and the treatment of the fluid spaces of the modernist design. This gives way to a project that rewrites the traditions and vernacular of the modern elements with contemporary construction.

It specifically occupies a space of 26,000 square meters, with a total area of 42,500 square meters. Each of the twelve bedrooms – each roughly one thousand square meters in size – offers all of the commodities naturally associated with a luxurious a project as this.

Multiple terraces with pools and relaxing areas
Terraces with natural pools and resting areas
Terraces of modern and elegant design
Open areas with marvelous gardens
Open areas
Large interior filled with light
Interior full of elegance
Interior in which the different levels are appreciated
Area with glass walls
Interior with excellent design
Luxurious details
Interior open to external gardens
Nocturnal view of the area
Marvelous exterior views in nocturnal hours
Spectacular modern design
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House for a Small Family with Spaces Full of Natural Light

By • May 28, 2018

This house was designed for a small family by the architectural firm IDIN Architects, led by the architects Jeravej Hongsakul, Wichan Kongnok and Eakgaluk Sirijariyawat. The home was completed in 2017, and is located in Thailand.

Front view of the house from the pool area
Roofed pool terrace

It has a total area of 530 square meters in which there are 3 rooms, including a main room and two rooms for guests or their future children.

Roofed wooden terrace

There were two other requirements that the client felt were important during the designing process of the home. Firstly, they wanted a large common social area, where the owners would always meet with their friends, something very usual in the lifestyle of the new generation. On the other hand, their privacy was also an important factor they wished to incorporate into the home. As such, the house had to be spacious, full of natural light, and still maintain privacy.

Side hall of the pool
Hall with glass walls
Garden with trees
Modern construction with glass walls
Elegant living room with wooden floors and high ceilings
Modern space with wooden floor
Modern dining room in wood
Dining room with glass walls
Air corridor with glass walls
Internal stairs
Modern bathroom in wood and white
Pool area at night hours
View of the interior through the glass walls
Exterior night view
View of the pool
Night view of the gardens
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Apartments in Shades of Gray Full of Luxury and Comfort

By • Apr 16, 2018

This luxurious apartment has been decorated with an exquisite taste by the firm Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects, and it is located in the city of Putuo, China.
The project, with a full range of shades of gray, creates an atmosphere with an air of elegant and meditative calm, which would perfectly adapt to the wishes of a globetrotter after a long and exhausting journey.

Elegant and sober black entrance door
Wonderful interior full of natural light

In the middle of a forest of 20,000 trees, the “Schwarzwald” apartment towers offer the unique synthesis of living a modern urban life in a quality environment. Many metropolitans long for a place of tranquility and relaxation where their families adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To fulfill these wishes, an innovative project with a vision of the future was created, which meets the highest standards in terms of comfort and quality of life.

Modern and elegant lounge in shades of gray
Modern and current details
Living room full of elegance and glamour

The layers and interactions of premium materials, fascinating textures and high contrast surfaces make this 250 square meter apartment a metropolitan sanctuary with an impressive view of the urban skyline of Shanghai.
Warm shades of gray, natural wooden surfaces, indirect lighting, and lush fabrics contrast with the smooth surfaces of the rooms and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Thanks to a sophisticated combination of marble, unpretentious white sanitary ware, and accessories in black and gold, the bathrooms unfold in an aura of classic and timeless taste.

Living room separated by a transparent glass shelf
TV area with marble wall
Modern studio with glass wall
Elegant resting area in the studio
Study area with marble wall
Kitchen with access to the balcony
Kitchen in shades of gray
Modern kitchen in white with gray marble counter
Modern dining area in black and deep blue
Dining room in black and deep blue
Elegant dining room
Modern and sober room
Room with balcony access
Room with internal bathroom with glass walls
Modern room with views
Room with marble wall
Bathroom in white and marble and gray
Elegant bathroom with views
Bathroom in white and marble and gray
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Wonderful Remodeling Turns this Apartment into a Futuristic Space

By • Apr 9, 2018

This unique and modern project covering 121 square meters has been created by the architectural firm Wutopia Lab in the city of Gu Long Lu, Minhang Qu, Shanghai Shi, in China.

Modern entrance in pastel blue

Among the architects responsible for this project we will find Erni Min, Ting Yu, Wutian Sun, and Chloe Zhang. This project of reconstruction began in 2017, and the result is this fabulous space that lends itself to the whim of its owners. The designer decided to convert three bedrooms and two living rooms into one bedroom and one living room, so that parents and children could grow up together, thus creating a shared and open home.

Detail in the column
Living room with modern white furniture
Living room with curved walls
Clear round hanging chair

To maximize the lighting area, the windows were changed and replaced with panoramic views.

The free flow of space created by breaking down the walls of separation naturally forms three social areas, where each member of the family takes what they need while sharing the same world.

The use of simple materials such as glass, wood, ceramic tiles, cloth, stone, vegetation, and stainless steel helps express the features of the space. Considering the safety of the child, all the corners of the wall have been rounded. By using a large number of smart devices, all appliances can be remotely controlled, adding a futuristic touch to the house.

Clear circular bathroom walls
Relaxation area
Modern kitchen with white island
Modern kitchen
Modern dining room in white
Dining area integrated into the kitchen
Children’s room with play area
Internal bed ladder
Playground and study
Master bedroom
Master bedroom dresser
Modern bathroom in white
Bathroom in orange with rounded walls
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Imposing Concrete Construction Surrounded by Thick Green Vegetation

By • Apr 5, 2018

This imposing construction of high concrete walls has been designed by the architect Cherng Yih Lee, who works for the architectural firm FORMZERO, in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The home was completed in the year 2017 and covers an extensive area of 900 square meters, distributed across its three levels.

Aerial view of the imposing concrete construction

It is located right on the edge of a reserved forest, perfect for those who like to enjoy the outdoors and nature. However, one of the points on which its designers focused was avoiding, at all costs, that the existing windows became the most direct element with which to define the relationship with the outdoor space. When a house is surrounded by other houses, the relationship is immediately blurred by dropping a curtain. The question was … How to restore that relationship with the outer space without compromising the necessary privacy inside?

House surrounded by a perforated concrete wall
Side view of the house with asymmetrical shaped windows
High concrete roof
Interior of the high concrete roof
View of the exterior and its windows
Modern living room with glass and concrete walls
Small living room area full of natural light
Details of the entrance in wood
Sliding windows with window seat
Modern kitchen with dining room in wood and black & white chairs
Stairs in black metal
Internal corridor with wooden floors and concrete walls
Decorative detail
Open bathroom with concrete walls

From east to west, this house is wrapped in an additional layer consisting of a wall of perforated concrete that looks like a shell. In addition to acting as a thermal protection with cross ventilation, the carapace is the first layer to control privacy. Between the house and the concrete framework, several levels of landscape are inserted to create an ambiguous condition that makes the landscape look more like an interior space.

View of the spaces with garden
External night view
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A Simple Solution that Offered More Privacy to the Inhabitants of this House

By • Mar 13, 2018

This project is based on the need to create a new connection between the bedrooms of an existing house, as the structure only allowed some rooms to be access by going through others, which kept the owners from inviting guests, as this distribution prevented them from preserving a modicum of privacy.

View of the front facade of the house

The initial project also included a new independent space of two levels that worked as an apartment with living room, bedroom, bathroom, and a small kitchen.

White side wall with wide glass window

The most viable solution was to create a curve that connects the old house and the new space, forming a new circulation, a route that is compressed and expanded as one moves through it. The intersection of this line with the preexisting one provided a lateral access to the residence and, therefore, some internal changes in the layout of the bedroom and the bathroom that were completely reformulated. Here, locally produced materials were used to remodel it in a contemporary way.

Side garden full of green plants

It is located in the Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, Mexico in a beautiful natural environment, and covers an area of ​​58 square meters.

The architectural firm LANZA Atelier was in charge of the restructuring, and the architectural team was made up by Isabel Abascal, Alessandro Arienzo, Alejandro Márquez, and Jessica Hernández.


Interior corridor with white walls
Rear terrace
Entrance to the interior hall
Hallway with white brick walls
Bedroom with terrace and internal bathroom
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Holiday Home with Unique Spaces that will Leave us in Awe

By • Jan 3, 2018

This wonderful house of modern and spacious spaces, full of light and elegance, is located in the famous Praia da Pipa (Pipa Beach), in the city of Tibau do Sul, which is one of the main tourist centers and an important tourist pillar of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, in northern Brazil. The city of Tibau do Sul has grown rapidly as a tourist segment and, as it grew larger, it attracted people from all over the world. Today, we can say that Praia da Pipa is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in Brazil. It is the perfect scenario to develop an exceptional and innovative house for the client, who fell in love with this city.

Imposing view of the modern construction surrounded by green areas

The architecture firm Yuri Vital was in charge of this project, covering an area of 1,360 square meters, in 2015.

Detailed view of the modern construction
Pool area with spectacular sea views

Conceived only for vacations, this house has unprecedented characteristics. The goal was to create a house with a huge living room, and with an impressive view of the sea, without losing the main characteristics of a home. Therefore, a single area was conceived, without any division, which means that the design of furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. would subtly create the divisions of each zone. The house has an impressive width and length, and from all the rooms you can see the beautiful sea and the famous cliffs of the city of Tibau do Sul.

Terrace connected to the interior through glass doors
Ample interior space
Large stairs leading to the kitchen-dining area
Bathroom in black with closet
View of the pool area at sunset
Wonderful view of the illuminated pool at night hours
Terrace with pool during night hours
View of the imposing construction at night
Terrace with gardens at night hours
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House of Open Spaces Which Making a Home out of the Exterior and Bringing its Lush Textures Indoors

By • Nov 28, 2017

This stunning private residence – Casa Querol – is located in the Oloolua Nature Trail, a forest in Karen, an affluent neighborhood south west of Nairobi, Kenya. It was designed in 2016 by Alberto Morell Sixto, an architectural firm based in Madrid, Spain.

View of the large poolside area
View of the large poolside area

The defining feature of the project was to construct a backyard measuring 30 meters by 30 meters, with the intention of making it resemble a clearing at the back of the house. By building this, the architects effectively created a quiet place from which to admire the dynamic life of the creatures that inhabit the forest that surrounds the home. A fireplace by the poolside provides the perfect spot from which to enjoy this setting.

View of the large poolside area
Interior done in wood and concrete

The home has an open design that allows – and invites – interior and exterior defining lines to become blurred, making a home out of the exterior and bringing its lush textures indoors. Floors of rich wood spread from the poolside into the interior, expanding to cover walls, stair steps, and even hand rails on the second level. Concrete walls and stark white walls with barely any decorative elements complete the ensemble. The ending result is a simple, spacious, rustic yet elegant home that feels like an extension of the natural world that surrounds it.

Interior done in wood and concrete
Modern wooden furnishings
Modern wooden furnishings
Exterior night view
Exterior night view
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Amazing Project has its Roots in Adaptable, Robotic Structures

By • Nov 23, 2017

The MacArthur Annex, as this project is called, was carried out by Baran Studio Architecture, an American architectural firm with offices in Oakland and Los Angeles, in 2017. The structure covers a total ground area of 4,550 square feet and is located in Oakland, California, USA.

Elevated view of the large construction
Elevated view of the large construction
Elevated view of the large construction

The project has its roots in adaptable, robotic structures which have the potential to roam and adapt themselves to the urban landscape. It lies adjacent to the freeway, and near a mass transit station. It consists of an existing structure alongside 33 used shipping containers, each designed individually, though they all form part of the greater whole. The idea was that such containers could be arranged and configured according to the needs and wishes of the developer, neighbors, city officials, and inhabitants.

Elevated view of the large construction
Elevated view of the large construction
Elevated view of the large construction

The completed system is then adapted according to various contextual conditions, responding to topography, existing structures, sound, light and shadow, air, views, circulation, program and economy. The resulting configuration of stacked containers, arranged according to inputs, becomes an open framework from which a community can grow. The ending result is that each container is dramatically different from the next, creating a vibrant place in which to live and work.

Elevated view of the large construction
Area with outdoors and roofed tables
Area with outdoors and roofed tables
Area with outdoors and roofed tables
Area with outdoors and roofed tables
Interior of stairs in aluminum
Interior of stairs in aluminum
Exterior night view
Exterior night view
Exterior night view
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Modern and Functional House which Doubles as a Car Collector’s Garage and Private Residence

By • Nov 22, 2017

AUTOHAUS is a project completed by the American architectural firm Matt Fajkus Architecture in 2017. The structure, which doubles as a car collector’s garage and private residence, is located in Austin, Texas, USA, and covers a total ground area of 4,088 square feet.

Terrace with wooden floors
Horizontal windows

The building’s compact living quarters are perched atop an open area, which is used as an automobile exhibition and social gathering space. This second level is shifted forward to allow a double height view down into the garage space, while creating an everyday carport beneath the hovering bedchamber in the front.

Modern living room-kitchen space with glass walls
Internal glass walls with view towards garage
Interior view of the garage

The interior is stylish and contemporary, with an open plan that helps create the feeling of a space greater than it actually is. Large clear glass walls allow for the easy entry of natural light, which floods the space and gives it a luminous quality. Carefully chosen decorative accessories serve to make the rooms feel like a home and grant it a touch of character that clues us in as to the personalities of the home’s residents.


A roof terrace tops the home, surrounded by a tree canopy which serves to give it a touch of privacy as well as create a mix between urban living and nature.

Bedroom with glass walls
Modern bathroom in black and white
Study with walls, floors, and ceiling in wood
Study chair details
Car collection
Garage area
Exterior area of the garage
Nocturnal view of the exterior
Night view from exterior
Night view of the interior of the garage
Night view of the interior of the garage
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Modern Residence Full of Light and Comfortable Spaces in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA

By • Nov 22, 2017

This magnificent residence is located on a hill in the popular city of Los Angeles, California, USA. It was designed in the year 2017 by the architectural firm Aaron Neubert Architects in conjunction with its team formed by Jeremy Limsenben, Xiran Zhang and Jina Seo.

External view of the house in deep black
External access stairs
Access stairs

It has an area of 2,100 square feet on a land of 3,750 square feet that are located upward to the northwest with panoramic views of Silver Lake Hills and Reservoir of Los Angeles and is surrounded by multiple mid-century modern houses. Due to the limited space and considering the slope of the land, a series of changes were carried out to create numerous outdoor spaces within the volume of the residence.

Furnished terrace
Small balcony with chairs
Glass windows
Balcony with glass doors
Main entrance to the space full of light
Wooden console in retro style
Living room with retro furniture
Living room with direct access to the terrace
Kitchen in black and white
Spacious kitchen in black and white
Kitchen full of light in black and white
Small library area and dining room in wood
Wooden stairs and railing in black metal

The rooms are distributed in three levels and a garage that is inserted into the hillside.

The second floor is mainly an open plan of spaces that interact with each other. In the third floor, the bedrooms are located and accessed through an internal staircase.

Operable windows and skylights serve to naturally ventilate the residence and provide circulation to all levels. The strategically located openings, exterior staircases, patios and decks around the perimeter connect the home with the multiple landscapes of the site and serve to expand the usable living space of the compact residence.

Comfortable bedroom with glass walls
Bedroom full of light
Bedroom with terrace
Bathroom in wood and white
Spacious bathroom full of light
Shower in black and white
Bathroom with bathtub and window
Night view of the spacious terrace
Terrace with access to the bedroom
Night view of the bedroom
External night view
Night view of the exterior
Imposing outside
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Small Module built in the Interior of an Old Barn with Wonderful views of the Myrkdalen Valley in Norway

By • Nov 21, 2017

This villa is located in a dream setting in Myrkdalen, a ski resort in Norway, with spectacular views over the valley. It was remodeled in 2016, as it had been abandoned for a long period of time. As such, it had fallen into disrepair and had deteriorated due to the passage of time.

View of the small module with the snowy mountains in the background
Exterior of the cabin on the snow
Wooden cabin interior with view to the mountains

The firm OPA Form was in charge of the remodeling work, carried out by Marina Bauer and Espen Folgerø, who managed to create a new world in a space of only 25 square meters. The result is a small module inside the old granary that provides all the comfort that may be needed to sleep well, a refuge that lovers of the sky, nature, and mountains will enjoy to the maximum.

Circular entrance to the small module inside the barn

It is a small space completely covered in wood, warm and welcoming, and from where guests can enjoy the wonderful and unforgettable views that the snowy mountains provide. Without a doubt, a unique spectacle.

Circular door, open

Seen from the outside, there are only small signs of transformation. Once inside the stable, we find an authentic interior with rough surfaces, a space formerly used to house cattle. However, through the space we can see the new addition with a circular entrance. It is a space designed to offer guests a stay filled with comfort and relaxation, something that they will certainly appreciate.

Remodeled interior space, made of light wood
Circular entrance door
Circular door details
Outside views at night
Night view
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Marchi Architects turns an Electric Car into an Extension of this Contemporary Smart Home in Frankfurt, Germany

By • Nov 16, 2017

Lighting designers from Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a world leader in lighting, have collaborated with the automotive company Renault to create a concept car and smart home presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017.

View of the modern and functional construction
Car parked on the ramp that connects it to the house

It is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and was designed by the architectural firm Marchi architects, with architects Nicola Marchi and Adelaide Marchi, in 2017. The self-contained electric car SYMBIOZ is not just a car, but an extension of the home. The digital technology of the vehicle makes it an interactive and personalized space that can connect its passengers with other cars, people, and technologies in the smart home, as well as LED lighting connected to Philips.

Side view of the house
Electric car that connects to the smart home

Parked in the smart home, SYMBIOZ also functions as an extra modular: a comfortable and mobile room. Its interior was inspired by the design of living rooms. As an elegant open or closed space, the car connects with all kinds of devices and appliances in the home, making it an ideal place to work or relax. Its operating system interacts and controls the lighting of the smart home.

Interior of the car
Car inside the house

The living room and kitchen are automatically switched on before the car moves to the driveway of the house. When SYMBIOZ enters at ground level, the walls light up automatically.

Living room-kitchen area of the smart home
View of the inside of the car connected to the smart home
Modern car in the parking area

The car is parked on a platform that takes it to the living room or the terrace. The cylinder of the centerpiece of the house that encloses the platform is illuminated with 5,368 Philips Color Kinetics iW Flex dynamic light points that change its shade of white to illustrate the state of connectivity between the car and the home; for example, when the car is charging or in standby mode.

Modern Car
Exterior view
Car approaching the smart home
Car leaving the parking space
View of the interior of the wonderful house
Night view
Aerial night view
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Imposing and Wonderful Villa Surrounded by thick, Green Vegetation

By • Nov 14, 2017

Villa Kali, a stunning and gargantuan seaside private mansion located in Monsef, Lebanon, was designed jointly by BLANKPAGE Architects and Karim Nader Studio. The property covers a total ground area of 2,000 square meters, or 21,527 square feet, and was completed in the summer of 2016. The project, which boasts a total of 11 bedrooms, took a total of four years to complete, and involved collaborations with numerous designers and contractors, creating an end product that is truly a work of art.

Villa located among green vegetation
Entrance to the imposing villa
Villa with sea views

Thick, verdant vegetation surrounds the building, providing it a high degree of privacy, which is a necessity for a summer vacation villa. The layout of the home follows an oriental tradition – bedrooms that surround an open courtyard crowned by a water fountain — although done in such a way that both levels are granted uninterrupted view toward the Mediterranean, from all spaces in the house.

Modern interior design
Large wooden stairs
Modern bedroom with glass walls

The interior décor is minimalistic in style, with walls in stark white and sparse decorative accessories, which add to its already marked sense of space and emphasizes a desire to create a tranquil and serene setting in which to relax. Clear glass walls allow natural light to enter all spaces, and open bedrooms allow nature to seep into the interior, blending the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Wonderful sunset views from inside the villa
Night view of the interior of the villa
Night view of the imposing villa
Night view of the villa from the beach
Imposing night view of the villa
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Fabulous Project in a Modern Style with Concrete and Glass Walls

By • Nov 10, 2017

This project is located in a privileged area of one of the main cities of Brazil, the city of Porto Alegre. The so-called Bossa Club recreates a minimalist living area with contemporary wooden furniture, conceived as an extension of residential homes. The project has been carefully designed by the firm Stemmer Rodrigues and has an internal area of 118 square meters where we can find two suites, a sink, a fireplace, a barbecue, an auxiliary bathroom, and two garage places.

Entrance with glass door and concrete walls
View of the building
Entrance with concrete walls
Exterior with concrete and glass walls

The exterior, done with concrete walls, boasts relaxation areas where we can sit placidly by the fireplace in the company of friends or a good book. In the interior, the common areas offer us a spa area and a whirlpool bath, as well as hammocks and a barbecue area.

Terrace with hardwood floors and fireplace
Terrace with furniture

Beyond the visual integration between gardens and the interior, a modern library with a unique style and a spectacular design highlights and enhances the contemporary style of the space. Thanks to the ample glass walls that surround the space,  it allows natural light to seep in and become another element of the design.

Living room with modern library
Living room with concrete column
Wooden kitchen
Modern dining room in black and white

A modern minimalist kitchen located in the center of the area, invites us to enjoy its wonderful gourmet facilities in its comfortable and contemporary chairs.

Minimalist kitchen
Kitchen view from the outside
Indoor swimming pool
Night view of the terrace
Lighted terrace
Night view of the front
Night view of the entrance
Front with lit gardens
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