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House on the Mountain by MMBB Arquitetos

By Eric Meunier


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Sao Paulo-based studio MMBB Arquitetos has completed the House on the Mountain project in 2001.

This contemporary residence all made of glass and concrete is located near São Paulo, Brazil.

House on the Mountain by MMBB Arquitetos:

“This house occupies a plot of 20m in length by 40m and 8m deep gap between the front bottom.

With reinforced concrete structure made of plastic shapes for waffle slab module in 90 x 90 cm and metal anchors, the plan is solved in a square of 16.20 x 16.20 m with a central void that contains the stairs and lights service environments.

Resting on four pillars it is high off the ground so that makes a similar area under it and another on top. As a backyard in the sun and another shade. But the characteristics of the relief these three levels are always the land, as if all levels were on the floor.

All the walls of the house were made in mortar, all glass is free of frames, the internal floors in graniteware and external concrete sanded. The roof slab is protected with a water surface. The outer walls are shaded with a panel made of industrial wood and cement pressed.”

Photos courtesy of MMBB Arquitetos
Source: MMBB Arquitetos

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