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Two Family House Giacomuzzi by Monovolume Architecture + Design

By Sophie Johnson


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This massive duplex, situated near Lake Caldaro in Kaltern, Italy, is a 2011 project by Monovolume Architecture + Design.

A wall of windows on the south facade provides views of the lake as well as adjacent vineyards.

Two Family House Giacomuzzi by Monovolume Architecture + Design:

“Giacomuzzi house is a duplex building. It is conceived as a highly compact body to fulfill energy issues and it fits into the sloping terrain to exploit the landscape.

The house is oriented towards the path of the sun and overlooks a stunning sight. The site is located on the outskirts of the village Caldaro sulla strada del vino, where between the house and the lake Caldaro there are just fields and vineyards.

To show up this wonderful view, a continuous wall closes three sides of the building, whereas the south facade features wide windows and balconies.

Living room and bedrooms face to south, the other rooms to northwest. This type of duplex house is the modern interpretation of the traditional pitched roof houses, to exploit the solar energy.

Following the path of the natural slope, the position of the first and second floor is shifted backward from the lower floor.”

Photos by: René Riller

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