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A House Full of Silence and Surrounded by Nature

By Magaly Grosso


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This house has been built with the express desire to live in a serene place, full of peace and silence, as well as a place where nature would be able to show its greatness. This led them to identify a place in the sector of Ricaurte in Cuenca, Ecuador, an almost intact site that, in the mornings, is stripped of its characteristic mountain mist. Said mist floats on the inclined territory, guiding our gaze upwards towards the top of the trees, mountains, and clouds.

House surrounded by a thick and green forest
Front view of both levels

The architectural firm Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura was commissioned in 2017 to carry out this singular and special project by the hand of its professionals Paul Chango and Carolina Bravo. It is located in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, and has an area of 200 square meters.

Front view with mountains in background

Working with the slope of the site allowed them to observe the architecture as another element of the natural landscape. In a way, it became an extension of the mountain that adapted to every inch of its topography while simultaneously charting its own course. Thus, it became an artificial component of the mountain itself. You could even venture to say that geography was created here, and not architecture.

View of the open construction
Entrance with gardens
Side view with glass walls
Interior of crystals that match
Internal levels with glass walls
Open kitchen
Kitchen with granite countertops
Large kitchen with glass walls

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