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Loft on Terronská by Dalibor Hlaváček

This loft, located on the Terronská street in the Bubeneč district of Prague, Czech Republic, was remodeled by Dalibor Hlavacek.

The apartment is elegantly decorated, creating a comfortable environment out of its limited space with its combination of subdued neutrals, wood floors, and exposed brick walls.

Loft in Terronská by Dalibor Hlaváček:

“The architectural interior design of the small loft apartment strives not only to accomplish the investor’s and author’s functional requirements, but also to reach a spatial experience perceivable with all our senses by means of material, colors, and shape combinations.

The loft conversion is located in the Bubeneč Prague district in a corner apartment house built in the thirties. The basic disposition concept reacts to the configuration of the surrounding urban environment. The ‘social’ quarters utilize a view of the Stromovka park and a ZOO in Troja, the bedroom part is placed in front of a high-grown lime-tree. The tree obstructs a view from the opposite buildings and helps cool the interior in the summer.

The concept arises from two contradictory requirements; an effort towards the most effective usage of limited floor space, and at the same time, the creation of a clear, generous space. The loft apartment is therefore conceived as a duplex apartment; the kitchen – living room is two-storey and offers a view into the roof construction. The quiescent part of the disposition (bedroom, bathroom and toilette) is spanned with an open gallery containing a study. If need should arise the study can be used as a guest-room. In the future, the gallery will function as the parents’ bedroom and the present bedroom will be changed into a children’s room. The gallery is accessed via staircase and a steel footbridge, creating an intimate ‘promenade architecturale,’ thus enabling perception of the elevated living-room space and the gallery space from different prospective.

The goal of the design was to create a clean interior without decorative overkills. Every centimeter of space is used as storage space. The interior material solution creates a dialogue between rough surface of the original brick chimney walls and the clean contours of plasterboard constructions. Mass of the sanitary space is clearly distinguished by gray plaster inviting to be touched.”

First Level
Second Level

Photos courtesy of Dalibor Hlaváček

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  1. Stunning. The millwork here is of a rare and exceptional quality. Clever layout as well. I’m rarely impressed. But this is exceptional – with respect to the spatial programming and the finish. Compliments.


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