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Lacrimi Si Sfinti by Cristian Corvin

By • Mar 3, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Lacrimi si sfinti (“Tears and Saints”) is a restaurant located in Bucharest, Romania, and was designed by Cristian Corvin.

The space is designed in a traditional Romanian style… with a twist.

Many of the adornments that hang from the walls are actually made out of LEGO pieces – a rooster head, a tapestry – adding an element of fun and modernity to a traditional room.

Lacrimi Si Sfinti by Cristian Corvin:

“Lacrimi si Sfinti (Tears and Saints) is a restaurant serving modern Romanian cuisine. It had to be traditional and contemporary with a bit of wit. It has all the stereotypes of the Romanian traditional restaurants including folkloric artifacts, except they are built in LEGO pieces, from carpets hanging on the wall to the trophy animal heads. Most of the furniture is old authentic Romanian gathered in various regions of Romania, from Oltenia to Transylvania.”

Photos courtesy of Cristian Corvin

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