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Lagació Mountain Residence by Nösslinger Hotel Projekt

By • Mar 12, 2013

This rustic lodge, nested in the Dolomite Mountains of San Cassiano Alta Badia, Italy, was created by Nösslinger Hotel Projekt in 2010.

Although the building is a winner of the 2010 Cubo Dorato at the CasaClima Awards for its sustainable design, it has all the amenities one would expect from a five star hotel.

To learn about rental opportunities, please visit the Lagació website.

Lagació Mountain Residence by Nösslinger Hotel Projekt:

“The philosophy energy CasaClima also won the community reconciling economic development, sustainable development and quality of life.

Offer a holiday of sustainability, a healthy environment, without sacrificing comfort: this is the wish that inspired the owners in the design of Lagació Mountain Residence in San Cassiano in Alta Badia (BZ).

The result is a luxury very special, a successful blend of green building and design, where guests can enjoy their holiday in contact with nature and the local culture. A place to recharge your batteries and discover rhythms closer to their biological clock, in total freedom.

The article, which interprets the modern language of the rural character of the valley, stands out especially for the benefits it offers to its guests in terms of quality of living, not giving up at the same time the control of energy consumption.

Factors such as the solar radiation and the orientation of the product were considered from the very beginning. The compact and thick layers of insulation envelope limit heat loss as well as thermal insulating windows that flood light all the rooms.

The thermal bridges have been prevented if technically possible and un’impiantistica latest generation covers the energy needs with maximum efficiency, exploiting solar energy.

Architecture and tradition:

Characterized by linearity and functionality, the architecture of Lagació Mountain Residence inspired by local traditions and emphasizes the harmonious relationship between nature and interiors.

Although the real masterpiece of the Dolomites in Alta Badia, the examples of traditional architecture are worthy of note: perfectly preserved historic farmsteads characterize the Val Badia and inspiration for contemporary architecture.

With a successful reinterpretation of the mountain style, the Lagació Mountain Residence integrates gracefully in the context of San Cassiano.

The facade evokes the ancient houses of the valley, old beams and wooden planks have been regenerated, becoming protagonists of restructuring. The morphology of the balconies is a tribute to the barns once.

To evoke the shapes of ancient mountain farms, were added to the structure “box” in wooden as was a time to increase the surface area. In the new Lagació Mountain Residence, these boxes are home to modern living apartments.

The interior is a successful contamination between tradition and modernity: clean lines and basic shapes coexist with antique furniture, crafts and interesting pieces from the historical Canins the family has collected over the years.

Nature and culture are placed in a new light. The entrance of the rooms is decorated with fossils that have suggested the name, the corridor becomes a gallery devoted to the Ladin culture that tells the world of the sagas, the Dolomites, the customs, and the geology of the mountain.

Here is clear the family bonding Canins to his homeland: the management of residence is based on strong values and traditions without ever lapsing into kitsch.

Another feature of the Lagació Mountain Residence is to be a Climate House A certified, ie a building with low energy consumption with an annual heating demand of less than 30 kWh / m². Built in a compact form and with high insulation systems, ensures a high degree of comfort of the interior.

Solar energy makes a successful example of sustainable architecture and environmentally friendly.

Sustainability: do holiday respecting nature

Building on sustainability and energy conservation building a certified Climate House was obvious for Canins, owners of Lagació Mountain Residence.

The article is mainly characterized by the advantages it offers in terms of quality of living: everything revolves around the concept of living in a building that respects the principles and criteria of ecological and environmental nature.

An important parameter for classifying Climate House is the evaluation and control of energy consumption. Does not depend architectural style, but the energy efficiency of the building.

Based on a system of calculation, the Agency House Climate of South Tyrol determines the energy consumption of buildings. A Climate House is much more than a system for environmental protection: stands for energy savings in buildings and housing quality for those who live in it because it is comfortable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and economically attractive because it keeps the its value over time.

On the contrary optimize energy back is less advantageous in that it involves a greater financial commitment and in terms of work.

The Lagació Mountain Residence is a compact building Climate House A. Factors such as the solar radiation and the orientation of the product were considered from the very beginning.

The thermal insulating windows are penetrating light, but avoid unnecessary heat loss. The thermal bridges have been prevented if technically possible and thanks to plant the latest generation of the energy needs of the building is less than 30 kWh / m².

The reflections of the environment and the closeness to nature represent a sort of thread also in design and the Lagació Mountain Residence.

For the façade were reused beams and wooden planks giving old building charm, elegance and unmistakable character. For the interior were chosen natural materials such as local wood, natural stone, clay and fabrics such as linen and loden. Another peculiar feature is the water that flows from the source Surgiva property: energized by the method Grander, regains its strength and its original force.

According to Johann Grander, the inventor of the method, the water is more than the sum of the chemical elements. Its structure shows its microbiological properties indicating what remains, how easily form calcium deposits and rust, what is healthy for humans and animals.

Grander comes to energy transmission, convinced that the water can absorb information positive or negative. From his observations that water is a living system that is in mutual and continuous exchange with nature and its surroundings. Originally pure and full of energy, along the way loses its vitality.

The Grander revitalization system allows you to restore the original balance: water regains its information, its force and strength without which nothing is added or removed.

The Lagació Mountain Residence is a successful blend of green building and design that discerning guest now considers a key part of your holiday. Living in a sustainable way in a healthy environment without sacrificing comfort: the new Lagació Mountain Residence combines the luxury of a home special features eco-friendly.

A new way of thinking about the lifestyle

It may happen that the stress and the feeling of being subject to certain times subtly accompany us during the holidays. The stay at Lagació Mountain Residence is far away from all this. As it was conceived, the environment makes you feel more free, more close to their rhythms.

Here it takes very little time to get used to mark the day according to your biological clock: wake up without an alarm clock, disrupting habits with a brunch in the afternoon or a cocktail watching the sunset, alone or in company.

Pull the plug, forget the commitments, feel free is a blessing: the holiday takes on different tones and is enriched with added value.

The Lagació Mountain Residence has 24 exclusive apartments designed and furnished in the name of natural lifestyle and architecture.

Lagació to the innovative design meets the traditional elements of Alta Badia. The panoramic windows flood with light the rooms that overlook the mountain scenery: The Dolomites are one step away, can almost touch them with your hand.

The furniture of premium apartments with an area ranging from 42 to 88 m2, are characterized by natural materials and warm colors. The apartments are spread over three floors, each one has been chosen a different type of wood: pine, larch or spruce.

The living room is decorated with soft loden fabrics and natural stone floors or wood. The water that flows from the source property is being revitalized by the method Grander.

The simplicity of the lines is a common element in the bathroom and the kitchen on holiday transforms the preparation of lunches and dinners in moments of pleasure and relaxation.

Original and curious about the names chosen for the five categories of apartment: megalodon, Bellerophon, Claraia, Daonella and Ammonite. It is not Latin names as you might think, but of prehistoric marine animals, were preserved to this day in the form of fossil Dolomites not far from San Cassiano.

These precious witnesses of time decorating the entrance to the apartments with their uniqueness and emphasize the exclusive nature of Lagació Mountain Residence.

La Palsa, relaxation

Lagació Mountain Residence at the world of regeneration and well-being has a promising name: La Palsa in Ladino means relaxation. The spa features a Finnish sauna, turkish bath, bio-sauna and a generous relaxation.

The spring water is a natural tonic energized by the amazing effects. For those who want to move there is also a fully equipped gym with a view.

In line with the philosophy of Lagació, the wellness program benefits include relaxing massages and beauty treatments. Four elegant rooms flooded with natural light from the winning design creates an inviting and pleasant atmosphere that prepares you to relax.

The staff consists of three professional Softpack proposes the bathroom, the whole range of classic cosmetic treatments and massage. For treatments to be performed on the floor has been arranged a room in Asian style.


You can tell at first glance: the Lagació Mountain Residence is much more than a mere complex of holiday apartments. Very comfortable and spacious, the property offers a range of services that the approach to a 5-star hotel.

The reception welcomes guests with the warmth of its colors and light wood. Next to the bar where there is space dedicated to socialization, fine and exclusive, where you can taste the best wines of South Tyrol, herbal teas, fruit juices homemade, tasty snacks and tempting appetizers.

The breakfast room has a spirit decidedly contemplative in this frame begins the day relaxing, enjoying a different kind of breakfast based on fresh ingredients from South Tyrol surrounded by the beauty of the environment and the view of the surrounding mountain scenery.”

Photos courtesy of Nösslinger Hotel Projekt

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