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Terrace by Galeazzo Design

By • May 1, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Terrace was constructed by Galeazzo Design, and it is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

The home is filled with decorative accessories, guaranteeing the eye will be entertained wherever it falls.

Terrace by Galeazzo Design:

“This terrace was inspired gourmet in Africa, chose to wall claddings materials like bamboo, worked by hand in contrast to gold pads, which were used in the fireplace and dining table top. The space was divided into two areas: a small station with a gourmet kitchen, barbecue and beverage area, a large table covered with tiles of gold chairs with Scandinavian design and a large bank in leather in the color amethyst.

Small colored cabinets transforman stations in coffee, drinks and support for the kitchen are made of steel and designed by Boffi Claudio. On the opposite side and a relaxation area for the hobby of growing orchids.

The wall of the fireplace was covered with tiles of gold and the area used to heat a typical Brazilian stone called “soapstone” around a large 4-meter (13-foot) futon coated fabrics handmade wool and linen with several pillows that invite one to perfect relaxation, the futon behind the wall covered with bamboo and a bookcase made of wood from demolition with a collection of vintage vessels.

A 50 year chair wooden structure complete Caviúna the environment. The mixture of materials with polished rustic materials is one of the characteristics of the designer, which seeks to create luxury without ostentation. For the growing hobby of gardening, the highlight is a wide bench with complete infrastructure for the handling of orchids, the bench made of wood and corian demolition has several compartments for specific land, substrates, vases and irrigation.

The floor was lined with cement to keep the temperature on hot days and on the same area to relax in a nomadic carpet of oriental origin.”

Photos by: Marco Antônio

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