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If You Plan to Travel to Tuscany, do not Forget to Stay at this Wonderful Hotel in Lucca

By • Jan 9, 2018

Traveling to Tuscany is always a wonderful experience. Besides the stunning landscape that are its fields and green rolling hills, we can also enjoy the wonderful hotel El Albergo Villa Marta. This hotel was originally an old eighteenth century church that has been beautifully remodeled and converted into a space full of charm, and where spending a night or two would be an immense pleasure.

Narrow street with old stone buildings

The remodeling work was carried out by the architectural studio O2 studio, and the hotel is located in Lucca, a beautiful town situated in Tuscany, Italy. It covers an area of 80 square meters and is 200 years old, which makes it even more special.

Main facade of the original chapel
Recreation area with jacuzzi
Room in the main chapel

It is characterized by elegant and comfortable furniture, and boasts 15 bedrooms, two of which are luxury rooms located on the third floor of the villa. The chapel has been converted into a bedroom and is furnished with furniture that integrates the bed, TV, and sofa.

Spacious room with the old altar in the background
Room connected to the bathroom by French doors

The side aisles fulfill a new function and are configured as a walk-in closet and bathroom. The altar is still intact and remains the main element in the design. The hotel also has a swimming pool, a garden, free Wi-Fi, and two large parking lots available for guests.Inside the villa is the Botton D’Oro restaurant, which serves a variety of tasty dishes in a romantic atmosphere. The restaurant has a large terrace for summer evenings and is perfect for special occasions.

View of the internal bathroom of the room
Modern and luxurious bathroom with shower in gold
Bathroom with sink area and arched windows
Marble sink with gold pieces
Beautiful bathtub in gold and white
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Luxurious Penthouse with Incredible Views over the City of Melbourne, Australia

By • Jan 9, 2018

Coppin Penthouse is a luxurious private residence designed by the Richmond based Australian architectural firm JAM Architects. The penthouse takes its name from the street on which it is located — Coppin Street – in Richmond, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District in the local government area of the City of Yarra municipality.

Spacious and modern living room with wonderful views over the city

A long, narrow pool flanks the length of the home on one of the observation decks, creating the perfect location from which to luxuriously admire the incredible views over the surrounding buildings. Lavish spaces, including a modern living room framed by potted plants, lead us into the interior of the home and into yet another layer of this sophisticated home. The tones of its décor are earthy and sober, granting the interior an exquisite and mature elegance.

Modern living room with TV area and fireplace
Stunning kitchen in minimalist style

The kitchen is long and spacious, done with stainless steel counter tops, and equipped with any number of appliances that make this the perfect setting to cook delicious meals in utter comfort. An open dining room adds to this trend, giving residents a sophisticated and chic spot in which to host guests in the height of style. The kitchen’s glass walls open out into the observation deck, which is framed by a row of potted plants and flowers.

Large kitchen with built-in dining area
Modern kitchen with spectacular views over the city
Closed kitchen area with glass walls
Wine cellar area
Spacious covered terrace area
Modern and elegant dining room in light and dark colors
Divider furniture that defines the different spaces
Terrace dining room with spectacular views over the city
Covered terrace with modern and elegant furniture in ground tones
Interior view of the modern and elegant Penthouse from the terrace
Views of the city from the kitchen
Night view of the adjacent terrace
Terrace with pool and relaxation area
Long and narrow pool with interior light
Views of the city from the pool
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Gisele Taranto Arquitectura Designs a Beautiful Farm House

By • Jan 8, 2018

This wonderful project was created by the architectural firm Gisele Taranto, and it covers a ground area of 2515 square meters. It was done for a client that wished to have a house farm where the main house was placed high on the land, near one of the water sources, while taking advantage of the view of the lake and the breeding of the horses.

Exterior view of the building surrounded by gardens and green mountains
Exterior view of the building surrounded by gardens and green mountains

In addition to the main house, there were also a guest house, a leisure area with swimming pool, a SPA with sauna and indoor whirlpool, a chapel, and the administrator’s house. Starting from this program, they started their research, and took inspiration and adopted old construction techniques in order to guarantee a better thermal comfort. The inspiration also came from the region itself and its landscape.

Pool area with terraces
Exterior view of the building surrounded by gardens and green mountains

The project was done using local materials, as well as by hiring local workers. As the home is far away from the city, it needed to be low-maintenance, and as simple as possible. Decorating pieces and antique furniture were collected in the region. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has gorgeous views over the mountains. It is truly a special place to relax in, and to spend time in with family and loved ones.
Its interior is comfortable and cozy, and is done in a simple and rustic style where wood is the protagonist.

Interior living room with floors and ceiling made of wood and with glass walls
Rustic dining room and kitchen
Bedroom with internal bathroom
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Stunning Residence With Exquisite Interiors That Will Make you Wish it Were Yours

By • Jan 8, 2018

This stunning private residence was designed by the Italian interior design firm Cristiana Vannini, based in Milan. The project consisted of the apartment’s renovation as well as a complete revamping of its interior design. The home is located in Milan, Italy.

Large living room with wooden floors
Dining room with an eclectic style

The interior design of the living and dining rooms is exquisite. The canvas is creamy white walls and rich wooden floors, with large French doors that allow an abundant flow of natural light to seep into the interior space and illuminate all corners of it. Stylishly chosen decorative accessories add personality and character to the interior, telling a story of who might live there while creating a space that feels alive on its own. Works of art dot walls and table tops, adding to the interior’s sense of sophistication while keeping the decoration interesting.

Corners with works of art
Living room where a modern style is combined with a classic style
Dining room in wood
Details of the studio area

The kitchen is unique in its design – electric blue cabinets against white walls and a white countertop, creating a strong contrast with a pop of color that serves to keep things fun and interesting, while maintaining the same level of elegance as in the living and dining rooms. The colorful floor tiles continue this trend.

Striking kitchen in electric blue
Kitchen in white and electric blue
Corridor with bookshelves on both sides

The bedrooms keep this sense of fun and sophistication alive in the most private areas of the home, while also maintaining a balance with the serenity necessary for a restful night’s sleep.

Bedroom with purple bed and floral details
Small and modern bedroom
Studio area and bathroom details
Bathroom in black and white, full of light
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Elegant Apartment Designed by Hola Design

By • Jan 8, 2018

This beautiful design, created by the architectural firm Hola Design, consists of a serenely white apartment located in an old but renovated tenement house in Warsaw, Poland. The apartment is located on the last floor and features numerous slanting walls which, after proper arrangement, have increased the feeling of coziness. The urban interior resembles both the atmosphere of Old Warsaw and the style of NYC. The home possesses a style marked by elegance and good taste. Details serve as a reference, and are sophisticated, allowing quality to play a key part.

Entrance with wooden floors and white walls
Entrance with wooden floors and white walls

It has fantastic wooden floors, white walls with fine moldings, high ceilings from which hang modern lamps, and marble and mirror surfaces – in short, each detail adds to the whole effect, creating a marvelous ensemble. The delicate touches are found in the small details, flowers that give a touch of vibrancy and color to the space, candles, and decorative picture frames.

Living room/dining room in white and gray
Modern white dining room
Living room with sofa and rug in gray

The modern minimalist kitchen, far from ostentatious, nevertheless offers us a perfectly adequate space in which to spend some time.

Modern white kitchen
Modern white kitchen
Modern white kitchen
Study area
Study area

The bedroom has a writing area, designed in a very delicate style with a romantic and bohemian air.

Master bedroom
Master bedroom

The bathroom has marble covered walls that make it look elegant and imposing.

Bathroom with marble walls
Bathroom with marble walls
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Beach Houses You Must See

By • Jan 5, 2018

Homes by the sea are something special. Furthermore, there is something soothing, relaxing, and charming about sitting near the ocean and smelling the ocean breeze every time. Beach houses make the perfect entertainment homes. Having a beach house as your main home or favorite vacation residence could be just what you need for the perfect time with family and friends. They allow you to feel like if you were on vacation every single day. Here are 10 beach houses that are simply breathtaking and are a must see.

 Beach House by Cibinel Architecture on the coast of Victoria Beach, Canada

This beach house by Cibinel Architecture was designed with the idea of incorporating the beauty of the outdoor scenery with a natural feel for the indoor space. Due to, this it is safe to say this house exceeded everyone’s expectations. Consequently wood covers the entire home from top to bottom for that cozy cabin feel that is directly on the beach. Furthermore, the home offers a cabin flair with the perfect beach house twist.

Rooiels Beach House in Cape Town

Rooiels Beach House is a minimalist, modern home lover dream residence. The house sits on about 10,225-square-feet directly on Cape Town Africa. Furthermore, the house sits directly on the beach with sand being part of the outdoor space.  Its hull shaped roof can be considered the most impressive feature of the residence as it can be opened and closed. Thanks to the construction of the roof you are able to see numerous views of the mountains and the sea.

Beach Home in Atlantic Beach, Florida Designed by William Morgan

The very first thing you may notice about this beach house is its unique shape. This beach house offers a geometric construction that was built in 1973. The outdoor space has been described as two triangular prisms with varying dimensions. Its interior is mostly made out of wood to carry the beach vibes throughout the entire home. The home sits directly in front of palm trees giving you the view of the beach from every window in the residence.

Parsonson Architects Design a Stunning Contemporary Home in Marlborough, New Zealand

A stunning contemporary home is the perfect definition of this residence and its surrounding. It offers the beauty of two different worlds. With unbelievable mountain views that surround the home and siting directly in front of the sea makes it the perfect blend between the two. Embedded between vegetation this home offers a relaxing yet modern appeal. There is a path that extends from the lower level terrace of the home all the way to the sea.

Kailua Beach House in Kailua, Hawaii

Designed by H1+FN Design Build Collaborative this beautiful beach residence is a modern take on a traditional Hawaiian beach house. Due to, the home being decorated in a modern yet contemporary manner this home gives you all the beach feels without being directly on the beach. As a result, the residence even has a pool for you to enjoy when you are not on the beach.

Sunny Beach House in Queensland, Australia

A luxurious yet simple beach house is the perfect sunny residence. Embedded directly in the middle of a natural coastal landscape this home connects directly to the beach. You can actually walk from the terrace to the beach and back. Nevertheless, the most impressive feature of this home is the tree that is growing directly in the home. This brings nature directly into the home on a larger scale.

Silver Strand Beach House by ROBERT KERR Architecture Design

This gorgeous contemporary home sits directly on the beach. As a result, the front and backyard of the home are the sea. Due to, this the beauty of this home comes from the inside out. The inside is bright and cheery just like the outside. Its contemporary feel comes from using bold patterns that mesh well together. With large windows, you are able to enjoy views of the beach from all areas of the home.

Southampton Beach House by Alexander Gorlin Architects

Southampton Beach House was designed by Alexander Gorlin Architects with the vision of having a modern beach house right in Southampton, New York. Therefore, this modern residence was built using European Limestone and African Hardwood. Due to, the combination of the two it creates a perfect mixture between traditional appeal and modern architecture. The home is positioned between the bay and the ocean giving you major beautiful views throughout the home.

Veronica Beach House by Longhi Architects

The Veronica beach house is a modern yet contemporary structure that was designed to have a unique flair from the inside out. Furthermore, the structure of the residence itself is a work of art. Furthermore, the structure of the home offers exposed concrete throughout the entire residence. Located in Lima, Peru this beach house offers a very intricate design because the structural design of the home is a representation of Peruvian architecture itself combined with an international style.

Cape Cod Beach House

Uniquely designed, this cape cod beach house features a modern structure with numerous different large windows that give off access to the beautiful sea that is directly in front of the home. Consequently, it even features a glass bridge that connects the guest suite to the master suite over a double high living room. As a result, all the glass features of the home bring the beauty from the outside directly indoors.

To conclude, the beauty of owning a beach house is being able to feel as if you are on vacation every time to come home. Furthermore, please let us know in the comments below which of these houses would you like to own.

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Magnificent House in Lisbon with White Interiors and Luminous Spaces

By • Jan 5, 2018

This project is based on the total reorganization of the existing interior design under the implementation of a new facade design, to promote the new functionalities of the space, as well as the optimization of the new attic area. The front facade remained unchanged; however, the topography of the backyard was redefined in its entirety, an outdoor dining area was designed for those days of family reunions, with a small garden that connects to the living room and a small pool which will serve to cool off on hot summer days. The house has a north east / south west solar orientation and was built for a family of three — a couple and their child.

View from the distance of the exterior in white
View of the white back facade with garden

It was designed by Guilherme Bivar and Marta Pavão, who form part of the team at the architectural firm Coletivo Cais in 2017, and it is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. The home covers a total ground area of 210 square meters.

Rear garden with small pool and green areas
Glass doors that connect the garden with the interior of the house
View of the garden and the pool area
Small pool in white of blue waters
Aerial view of the turquoise water pool
Garden stairs
Second level terrace with access to the interior

The interior décor focuses on pure and clean design, with stark white walls, an abundance of natural light, and rich wooden floors. High ceilings add to the sense of space these rooms enjoy, which in turns adds to its comfort and undeniable beauty.

Lounge-TV area with modern furniture and wooden library
Large minimalist kitchen in white
Modern and elegant dining room in wood and textiles in beige
Elegant wooden stairs and white walls
Upper level where white walls and wooden floors predominate
Upper level with access to the terrace
Delicate children’s room in white and pink
Bedroom with balcony
Modern bathroom in white and polished concrete
Night view of the back garden
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Homes With Breathtaking Living Room Views

By • Jan 4, 2018

Having a great view is not only great when it comes to decorating the home, but it is also great when it comes to relaxing and feeling as if you are on vacation as soon as you come home. One of the best areas to have a great view is in your living room space. The living room is part of the center of the home. Therefore, the view featured from your living room can make a huge difference in the appearance of your living room and the décor you select. The following homes have breathtaking living room views that are truly one of a kind.

A Contemporary Home Overlooking the Chiché River Canyon in Ecuador

This gorgeous contemporary home located in El Chaquiñán, Ecuador sits on top of a hill. Therefore, you can only imagine what a beautiful view it features. Siting at 395 square feet the home was constructed with privacy in mind. Every home in the room is distributed throughout the entire space for the ultimate private feel. When it comes to the view the home is overlooking the Chiche River Canyon. With that being said, the view from the living room of the home is unbelievable. You are able to see miles and miles of trees and vegetation right from your living room.

Cutler Anderson Architects tucks Canadian home between rocky outcrops

This picturesque cottage is everything you have imaged and more. Located in the Rocky Mountains of Canada this home is built completely from wood and glass walls. The glass walls allow the home to have a connection between the interior and exterior space. Nestled neatly into the wild vegetation in the mountains the view is impeccable from every area of the home. However, the best seat in the house is the living room. As you can see the entire mountains, water, and sunset from this specific space in the home.

A Unique Tent House in Eumundi, Australia

Designed to feel as if you are camping, 365 days of the year this tent home is located directly in the forest. This unique tent home was created with simplicity in mind. The idea was to great a simple way of life in a grand manner. Due to this, the view of this home is unbelievable, with numerous different glass walls. You are able to sit anywhere in the home and see the beauty of the forest while still being indoors.

Cylinder Home designed by Cyril Lancelin in Lyon, France

When you first take a look at this home your mind may still be trying to catch up with the view. The reason for this being this cylinder home is one of a kind. The cylinder structure allows there to be a 360 view of the outdoor space. Not just that, but the interior of the home offers no defined corridors. On the outside, the home appears to be a cluster of cylinders placed together, but on the inside, it is a minimalist home with trendy yet elegant décor. The view is of the home is a peaceful one as the residence sits in the clear of a forest.

House in a Coastal Zone of Canada Designed by Omar Gandhi Architect

There is something relaxing about having a view of the sea in your home, especially if it is in your entertainment space. The living room tends to be the main entertainment space of a home and this home in a coastal zone of Canada does not disappoint. Its sea view is impeccable as it can be seen from all social entertainment spaces of the home, especially in the living room. This is done by having glass walls that add to the wooden appeal of the home.

Modern Residence, Full of Light and Comfortable Spaces in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA

Modern is the perfect description of this home. This amazing residence sits at about 2,100 square feet on a 3,750 square feet lot with panoramic views of the Silver Lake Hills, which means the view from most areas of this home is breathtaking thanks to the gorgeous view of the Silver Lake Hills. The home also features operable windows and skylights that allow the home to always have natural lighting.

A Magnificent Log Cabin Located in the Mountains of Montana, USA

The beauty of this log cabin exceeds the beautiful rustic appeal it offers. Furthermore, this log is breathtaking from the inside out. It rustic interior lends perfectly to the woodsy feel of the entire residence. Plus lets, not forget the forest view with the lake is unbelievable and can be admired from the living room space.

Wonderful House with Open Spaces Designed by the Architectural Firm R79 in Mexico

When designing this home, the Architectural Firm R79 in Mexico had an open space that feels like vacation in mind. The idea was achieved as the residence open floor plan captures the liveliness of nature that surrounds the home. Furthermore, the living room offers a combination between the interior of the home and the exterior space as it is an open living room with gorgeous views of the pool and backyard space.

Loft with Wonderful Views of the Mountains in Hittisau, Austria

The picturesque mountain views in the living room of the home give the residence an extra hint of beauty that is unique to the space. With large open glass windows, the view of the mountain is breathtaking yet works extremely well with the rustic interior feel of the untreated wood and natural materials. Furthermore, the contrast between the rustic feel and the mountain view provide the perfect relaxing vacation space that is actually considered home.

Parsonson Architects Design a Stunning Contemporary Home in Marlborough, New Zealand

Located in the mountains and surrounded by vegetation this stunning contemporary home is one of a kind. Not only is it surrounded by all the beautiful mountain views, but it also sits in front of the sea. Therefore, every single space of the home offers a new beautiful view. The calm waters paired with the beauty of the mountain give the home a different twist that is beautiful yet relaxing.

To conclude, having an impeccable view in your living room is a must. Which of these beautiful views is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Industrial Style Apartment in the Most Popular District of Paris

By • Jan 4, 2018

This project — Voltaire — is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, France, which is one of the most densely populated urban districts of Europe, and which is situated on the Right Bank of the River Seine. Completed in 2017, it was designed by Alexandre Delaunay of SABO project, and covers a total ground area of 81 square meters, or 872 square feet.

Exterior view of the old building
Interior of the living-dining room with concrete ceilings
Living-dining room and kitchen in a mix of styles

The apartment itself is located in a 1920s industrial building, and its interior has been stripped down to its raw concrete skeleton. This reflects upon the overall style of the end result, so that contemporary meets industrial to create a new, unique whole. The interior space is open and distributed in the style of a loft, so that the addition of a central island — consisting of 40 aluminum sheets that are custom punched, folded, anodized, and mounted on a metal structure — was instrumental in subtly dividing it into a variety of subspaces, such as an entrance, a main living space, dressing, horizontal and vertical circulations.

Modern cubicle where the bedroom and bathroom are located
Cubicle with open doors allows the passage of light into the room
Closed cubicle with decorative details

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to seep into the interior, so that it brims with luminosity and brightness. Decorative accessories dot all surfaces and walls, and colorful accents make the interior décor feel vibrant and happy.

Living-dining room and kitchen sharing the same space
Social area with golden cubicle
Details of the exterior material of the cubicle
Kitchen-dining room in a retro style
Golden cubicle
Cubicle with access to the bedroom
Bedroom access
Bedroom with closet in white
Comfortable bedroom filled with light
/ Bedroom in the upper level with concrete ceiling
Retro style bathroom in green and white
Narrow bathroom in white
Illuminated cubicle with private areas
/ Effect of the interior light through the perforations in the cubicle walls
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Small Mobile Cabin that will Allow you to Live Wherever you Decide

By • Jan 3, 2018

Escape One XL is a project a small wooden cabin on wheels that covers 36 square meters of space, or approximately 400 square feet, distributed on two levels. Inside, a ceiling 11 feet high (3.4 meters) covers the total area. Two open spaces are located at both ends, which are accessed by small stairs located there and are linked by a thin shelf above the main door.

Comfortable interior full of natural light

The interior is completely clad with wood and has large windows that allow a large amount of natural light to enter the interior.Optional features include French doors, built-in beds, flat-screen TVs, stone countertops, USB outlets, and external showers.The closet space and the drawers are integrated into the staircase to maximize the usable area. The bathroom has a 60-inch bath / shower, a vanity, and a toilet.

Functional wooden kitchen

Escape One XL is easily transported through its own trailer and is manufactured with high efficiency insulation and climate control options that allow it to withstand extreme heat or cold.This mobile home is being offered in the market at a cost of $ 69,800 (£ 54,500). Being classified as a recreational vehicle, it does not require foundations or incur property taxes.

View of the interior from the room
Interior completely covered in wood
External view of the log cabin
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Magnificent Collaborative Work Results in this Modern and Elegant Home

By • Jan 3, 2018

Viviano built Family HQ for his parents, with the help of his mother Catherine, who is an antique collector. With fifteen years of experience in construction, she helped direct and advise the young architect, and the house is her first collaborative project.

Exterior view of the long building

It is located in the city of Houston, Texas, in the United States, on a narrow corner plot. It has two levels and an area of 4,250 square feet (395 square meters). The building is built with concrete bricks stacked and cut to size.

Beautiful garden with green areas
Entrance with glass and black metal door

The interior would be configured as a clean and stylized backdrop to house the old furniture that the couple would take with them, which would be combined with contemporary pieces later on. Large square and rectangular windows are oriented towards the sheltered side garden instead of the street.

Modern living room with electric blue sofa with white armchairs
Modern and elegant living room with contrasting colors

On the ground floor, there is a living room, a dining room, a corridor with storage, and a kitchen. A bathroom and the garage are connected, just beyond the kitchen area. This main floor is designed to focus on entertainment, while the upper floor is more private and traditional. Three bedrooms, two of them with private bathrooms, are located on the top floor. Landscaping helps produce a quiet area. A row of thin silhouette eucalyptus trees creates a screen that softens the relationship with the street.

Small rest area with black wooden chairs
Antique wooden chest
Modern kitchen in white and gray with black marble countertop
Kitchen with island and eating area
Minimalist kitchen with spacious storage
Modern dining room with wooden table and black chairs
White floating furniture complements the dining area
Modern wooden stairs
Bedroom with gray metal bed and wooden floors
Elegant bedroom with canopy bed in black and white
Rest area in the room with white table and modern black chairs
Modern bathroom clad in wood
Modern bathroom in white and gray
Bathroom with wooden floors and white marble walls
Modern bathroom where white predominates
Night view of the main entrance
Exterior view of the facade of the house
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Holiday Home with Unique Spaces that will Leave us in Awe

By • Jan 3, 2018

This wonderful house of modern and spacious spaces, full of light and elegance, is located in the famous Praia da Pipa (Pipa Beach), in the city of Tibau do Sul, which is one of the main tourist centers and an important tourist pillar of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, in northern Brazil. The city of Tibau do Sul has grown rapidly as a tourist segment and, as it grew larger, it attracted people from all over the world. Today, we can say that Praia da Pipa is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in Brazil. It is the perfect scenario to develop an exceptional and innovative house for the client, who fell in love with this city.

Imposing view of the modern construction surrounded by green areas

The architecture firm Yuri Vital was in charge of this project, covering an area of 1,360 square meters, in 2015.

Detailed view of the modern construction
Pool area with spectacular sea views

Conceived only for vacations, this house has unprecedented characteristics. The goal was to create a house with a huge living room, and with an impressive view of the sea, without losing the main characteristics of a home. Therefore, a single area was conceived, without any division, which means that the design of furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. would subtly create the divisions of each zone. The house has an impressive width and length, and from all the rooms you can see the beautiful sea and the famous cliffs of the city of Tibau do Sul.

Terrace connected to the interior through glass doors
Ample interior space
Large stairs leading to the kitchen-dining area
Bathroom in black with closet
View of the pool area at sunset
Wonderful view of the illuminated pool at night hours
Terrace with pool during night hours
View of the imposing construction at night
Terrace with gardens at night hours
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An Amazing Home Surrounded by Farmland with a Natural Landscape

By • Jan 2, 2018

This private residence was designed by the Portuguese architectural firm Filipe Saraiva in 2016. The home covers a total ground area of over 400 square meters, and is located in Ourém, Portugal. The home is perched atop a hill with a descending slope to the south of the property, which causes the height difference between the highest and lowest points to be approximately 4.50 meters. The land that surrounds the house is farmland with a natural landscape, and the structure overlooks the Castle of Ourém.

Wonderful aerial view
Aerial view of the surroundings of the house
Decorated gardens creating charming corners

The building is constructed using simple lines, which are meant to evoke the typical homes we draw as children. Such a deconstruction is meant to break down the overcomplications of design to reach the core of what a home means – a safe place in the world for us and our loved ones.

Garden with circular path

The home has a gorgeous wooden terrace that overlooks the garden under the safety of a high roof. A clear glass wall separates this terrace from the interior, allowing an easy rapport between the two spaces. The interior is spacious and open, done mostly in white, with accents in rich wood and deep black which serve to add interesting bits of contrast throughout.

Imposing terrace with wooden slat walls
Modern entrance with lining
Elegant and modern entrance
Terrace with high ceilings and glass walls
Terrace with high ceilings made of wood
Interior of the garage with space for 3 cars
Internal view through the glass walls
Modern and elegant living room with beige sofa and TV area
Modern living room with glass walls and exterior views
Elegant relaxation area overlooking the garage area
Elegant and modern living-dining and kitchen area
Modern wooden kitchen with white marble countertop
Modern wooden kitchen with spacious storage
Small cellar with glass walls
View of the large space where social areas converge
Modern round table dining room in Wood and chairs in black
/ White stairs lead to the next level
Stairs side wall with storage area
Modern bedroom in white with studio space and library
Bedroom with interior terrace
Modern bathroom with views toward the interior terrace
Office area with modern furniture
/ Night view of illuminated entrance
Night view of closed parking
Spectacular night view of the terrace
Night view of the terrace and the gardens that surround it