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Monochrome Duplex Apartment remodeling in Paris by Pascal Grasso Architectures

By Eric Meunier


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Pascal Grasso from Pascal Grasso Architectures has just completed the renovation of a 3,000 square foot duplex apartment in Paris, France.

The most spectacular parts of this remodeling project is the use of suspended plaster blocks across the ceiling in the main living area, as well as the extensive use of white walls and black furniture.

Monochrome Duplex Apartment in Paris by Pascal Grosso:

“The project data are promising and simple: a private client, an apartment in the center of Paris, duplex, an area about 280 m2, a large terrace.

The challenge is to connect the apartment with the terrace. A large volume, opened directly on the terrace, is created. It will become the main space of the floor, the reception room. The bedrooms are rearranged on the first level.

Device, consisting in visual accumulation of volumes, creates rhythm in the new space. They invade the floor, walls and ceiling. The ceiling is the strong element structuring the room.

Composed of suspended plaster boxes, it makes the space more dynamic. It integrates and hides functional and technical components such as air conditioning, lightning, sound, ventilation. These elements gradually invest the place turning into storages, kitchen appliances, balustrade for stairs, bar, coffee table, etc…

The lightning system, hidden behind the volumes, provides diffused, indirect and scalable light.”

Photos by: Nicolas Dorval-Bory

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