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Buholmen Cabin by Skaara Arkitekter AS

Oslo-based architecture firm Skaara Arkitekter AS has designed the Buholmen Cabin project.

Completed in 2008, this 1,076 square foot, contemporary cottage, is located on the waterfront in Buholmen, Norway.

Buholmen Cabin by Skaara Arkitekter AS:

“The cottage replaces an old cabin and is supplemented with a new outhouse and jetty.

The buildings two volumes separate living from sleeping areas, and create a protected patio which gives shelter from different wind conditions.

A fan-shaped plan opens the cluster towards the south. The southernmost wing contains the private zone with modest sleeping cabins. The east wing consists of a split-level open living/kitchen area with views across the inlet towards Jomfruland.

The pine facade is treated with iron-sulphate which together with the sedum-moss roof captures the natural colouring of the surroundings.”

Photos courtesy of Skaara Arkitekter AS

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