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The Waterhouse at South Bund by Neri & Hu

By Sophie Johnson


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This contemporary hotel, located in Shanghai, China, was designed by Neri & Hu in 2010.

The hotel was originally a warehouse from the 1930’s that has been converted to accommodate 19 private rooms as well as a gym, restaurant, lounge, and roof-top bar.

The Waterhouse at South Bund by Neri & Hu:

“Located in the South Bund district of Shanghai, the 19-room cutting-edge design boutique hotel with a separate converted warehouse event hall sits beside the Huangpu River and features spectacular views of the Pudong skyline in the distance.

The design concept is expressed through both a blurring and an inversion of the internal & external space as well as the public & private space, creating a slightly disorienting yet refreshing spatial experience for guests who seek the extraordinary. The public spaces allow glimpses of private guest rooms while the guest rooms invite you to look onto public areas, resulting in an unexpected welcome that defines the hotel experience.

The original dockyard building and warehouse date back to the 1930s. The new architectural concept involves a blending of old and new, where an original warehouse building with double-height interior is restored and given a look that reflects the industrial past of this historic docks area. The restored four-story hotel building features views of the Huangpu River and Pudong skyline beyond, serving as a contextual link to history and local culture.”

Photos by:  Pedro Pegenaute, Tuomas Uusheimo, Derryck Menere

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  1. It’s a wonderful project but the original building was not a warehouse, it was actually the headquarters of the Japanese army in the 1930s.


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