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Single Family House in Kifisia by Spacelab Architecture

By Sophie Johnson


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Spacelab Architecture created this contemporary residence in 2012 for a family located in Athens, Greece.

Because of the site’s awkward triangular shape, the designers configured the home in a way that would maximize the outdoor space.

Single Family House in Kifisia by Spacelab Architecture:

“We were called to design a house on a rather problematic site with a triangular shape on a very busy street. The design aims to maximize the area of the garden. Taking advantage of the building code of the time of construction, the building was situated at the edge of the site forming an L shape that allowed it to embrace its garden.

The scheme was developed on two levels. On the ground floor, big glazing surfaces allow for a dialogue between the interior and the exterior. This level houses the sitting and dining areas as well as the kitchen.

The first floor appears to be more protected, with smaller openings. Thus, privacy is achieved for the three bedrooms that are located there.

The facades of the house were treated with a layering of overlapping materials. Apart from the glazing, the solid parts of the walls are covered with tadelakt. A second layer of metal frames with wooden plank infill is added on. The fencing of the site is done by a series of vertical metal plates with a second layer of armed glass to reduce the street noise.

For the interior, different types of wood has been used widely. Oak flooring, black pine cabinets, antiqued oak for the kitchen cabinets and khaki lacquered oak for the staircase.”

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Photos by: Vaggelis Paterakis

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