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Urban Legend

By Magaly Grosso


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This apartment is located in Noho, Manhattan, New York.

Spacious and bright, the spaces are brimming with personality.

It is available for short-term rent.

Urban Legend:

“Urban legend

Meet Astor Place, a mythical home of magnificent proportions the old salts always suspected must exist. This space-is-no-object, two bedroom, two bathroom loft must have been delivered to Noho from the mountainous outskirts of some faraway industry town. Smile knowingly as you recall the horizon-bending open plan of Astor Place, how you surrendered to the warmth of its uncharted expanses and slept in whichever of the bedrooms you could locate by sundown. With every corner of the city marked and measured, raise your colours here and revel in a discovery all your own.


Your hosts are lifelong New Yorkers who venture forth across the world from their Noho base camp.

Secret garden

A broad, vestibular hall stretches away into the heartland of Astor Place. Gain passage along lovingly careworn wood floors toward the inviting shoreline of the loft-form living area. Provision yourself at the thoughtfully appointed kitchen, where design-savvy companions will savour the clever charm of a mint-green porcelain sink basin and cerulean butcher block island. Retire to the intimacy of the living room and regale your fellow travellers beneath the watchful gaze of framed fauna. Set off after nightfall for the haven of your quarters, two bedrooms trimmed in cool-hued neutrals where you can bed down for the night. Having dissolved away the cares of the city in your ceramic claw-foot soaking tub, send word: here lay the treasures promised of the new world.

The city compass

Neatly dividing Noho and Soho, Houston Street is your home parallel. Venture back onto the grid to sample the gustatory goods of Noho, scour the peerless shops of Soho for boutique finds, or scout ahead to the urban trading post at Union Square. Here you’re well connected to the rest of the city: a variety of subway stations nearby are among those well placed to spirit you afield.”

Photos courtesy of One Fine Stay

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