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K House by Arbejazz Studio Architects

K House was designed by Arbejazz Studio Architects, and it is located in Israel.

The home is bright and airy, with plentiful windows and skylights to allow natural light to pervade the interior.

K House by Arbejazz Studio Architects:

“A family home, an k-house

k-house is a family unit which is a segment of a row house which was built in the 50’s for the working class under a social ideology of low cost and simplicity. At the present, this neighborhood of Tel Aviv which contains several models of this row house is being rejuvenated due to a new urban building scheme. As a result, the original apartments are permitted an additional volume which converts a 65m2 (700ft2) apartment on one level to a 200m2 (2153ft2) on 2 levels with a pitched roof.

The main challenge was to design a narrow apartment of considerable length which stretches out between 2 opposite facades.

The entrance level consists of a family zone animated by natural light coming from a set of round skylights, which offers a playful interaction between this level and the balcony above. In addition to a cluster of 4 bedrooms, this level contains a working area which is integrated into an articulated staircase to the upper floor.

The public level on the top floor features an open kitchen lit by a strip of skylight crossing the metal and wood construction of the pitched roof. The kitchen which consists of a shared cooking/dining island, is adjacent to the living space and opens up to a wooden decked balcony which embraces the outdoor greenery.”

Photos by: Aviad Bar Ness

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