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AP 1211 by Alan Chu

By Magaly Grosso


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AP 1211 is a private residence located in São Paulo, Brazil and was designed by Alan Chu.

The space is small and cozy, with a hint of freshness and hip style.

AP 1211 by Alan Chu:

“The idea is to use a single element to organize the space of the small apartment with an area of 36 sqm (388 sqft), distributed in two floors.

The crates built with autoclaved pinewood and colorful interiors serve well for this purpose and arranged in a seemingly random way bring to the environment a youthful and unpretentious atmosphere.

The crates have several functions: in the pantry, kitchen, living room and one of them, suspended in space, camouflages the existing structure of the mezzanine and receives the metal ladder in its dark and cylindrical interior, creating the transition between floors.

The apartment is the temporary residence of a recently divorced businessman and the decor plays with the transience of the moment: a time of changes, improvisation and reorganization.”


Photos by: Djan Chu

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