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Casa do Pego by Pedro Ferreira Pinto

Casa do Pego is a private residence located in Comporta, Portugal.

It was designed by Pedro Ferreira Pinto in 2010.

Casa do Pego by Pedro Ferreira Pinto:

“Casa do Pego is a stunning single floor house located 400 meters from Pego beach, near Comporta. This luxury design villa that rises from the sand dunes, accommodates 6 people. It has a private heated pool, sunny terrace, garden and breathtaking views.

Casa do Pego is an amazing, simple yet luxurious house. It has a unique, clean architectural design where concrete, large glass windows and pine wood decks, shades and terrace blend perfectly. It’s located in one of the most exclusive places in Portugal – Comporta – on a five minute walking distance from Pego Beach, chosen for several years as the best Portuguese beach for its clean waters, sand and accessibilities.

On top of the house, lies a sunny terrace with a stunning private pool. The pool has 30 square meters (322 square feet) and was built with a microcement finish that gives a unique look and feel. Casa do Pego’s pool has a water heating system to ensure that it can be used all year round, both day and night. Currently, it’s running at 30º C (86º F). The sunny terrace has 150 square meters (1,614 square feet) and it’s elevated position ensures maximum privacy. It is covered in pine wood, ideal to sunbathe and relax.

The concept is to merge with the surrounding territory, through the choice of native species, such as pine trees. The land is sculptured like a sand dune, sprinkled with typical beach species, aiming for effortless, unpretentious landscaping.”

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Photos courtesy of Casa do Pego

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