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HOZO Interior Design Creates a Contemporary Home in Taipei, Taiwan

By Magaly Grosso


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This apartment was designed by HOZO Interior Design in Taipei, Taiwan in 2015. Its beautiful living room greets us with a simple and contemporary style. The shining floors and contrasting colors pop under the warmth of natural light, bringing the space to life.

Here, we’ll find a quiet and comforting space that invites us to relax while we enjoy a cup of tea and a movie.

View of the living room from the entrance of the apartment
View of the living room. Gray sofa with cushions and a beautifully-colored rug
Living room with a TV area

View through the living room

View of the kitchen from the living room

Next, we’ll see a modern dining room, comprised of white wood. Above it hang three lamps, which stand out due to their simplicity and elegance. They also serve as a small taste of what we’ll find beyond the two glass doors that separate this space from the kitchen.

Once through the aforementioned doors, a small, but quaint, kitchen greets us. Good taste is abundant here, as is throughout the apartment. It couldn’t be more pleasant.

Order and cleanliness reign supreme here, in a space where all the elements reflect light to bring the area to life.

Modern dining room, white wood. Glass doors await us in the back

View of the living room from the dining room

Interior of the modern kitchen with a view to the dining room

In the bedroom, with a beautiful wooden floor, we’ll find two fluffy beds that give off a sensation of comfort with just one look. The matching sheets add some color to the décor. It’s a youthful and lively space, filled with light.

Bedroom with two beds and matching blue sheets
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