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Exposed Ceiling Beams

A Small Apartment that Nevertheless Contains all the Necessary Amenities

By • Feb 27, 2018

This apartment covering a ground area of only 50 square meters is on the upper level of a three-storey building located in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil. It was designed by the architectural firm Vão, by a team made up of architects Anna Juni, Enk te Winkel, and Gustavo Delonero. The project was completed in the year 2017.

Small living room full of natural light

The main request made by the future resident was that the 50 square meters that comprised the useful area of the apartment had to be reorganized, so that the bedroom could be isolated from the other spaces. Considering this, the construction was carried out almost without any demolition, which is quite unusual for remodeling projects.

Space shared by the living room and kitchen

The extension of the existing wall allowed the creation of a volume that houses the bedroom, relocating it from the main façade, which faced the street, to the back, where the windows overlook the interior garden of the community. In addition to preserving this restful environment from the sounds of the street, the new location was also designed so that the proportions of the integrated living room (living room, kitchen, and balcony) would be balanced, as well as the natural light that flows into them.

Since the building has a collective laundry room on the ground floor, the area that was available for that purpose was replaced by a large closet.

TV area
Dining room and kitchen
Wooden kitchen
View of the living room – dining room from the kitchen
Modern living room with high ceilings
Storage area
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Twentieth Century Apartment with a Modern Interior

By • Feb 26, 2018

This fabulous apartment of worn brick walls, which dates back to the Twentieth Century, and located in the heart of the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia tells a very unique story.

View of the fabulous interior of the living room with worn brick walls

It has been designed by the architectural firm Roberto Di Donato Architecture, a London-based architectural and design practice, established in 2014 operating across UK and Europe. After many years of neglect, the apartment was an empty shell when it was bought by the client, creating numerous opportunities, but also challenges for the design team.

View of the living area from the living room

The focus of the project was guided by the ambition to create modern, distinct, but fluid living spaces that almost left the existing structure intact.

Space flows constantly from one area to another, with the separation between night and day areas provided by two tall wooden elements. These custom-designed items also contain the bedroom cabinets and three sets of doors that allow varying degrees of privacy.

The height of the roof was also considered a particularly valuable element in the renovation. The structure of the roof was restored and maintained completely exposed. No element of the new design comes into contact with it, which underlines the respect for the past and also allows to perceive the full feeling of space and volume of the apartment.

Area of the room with the doors closed
Lounge in night hours
Kitchen with modern inn
Modern kitchen with aged brick walls
Spectacular kitchen that combines the old and the new
Integrated Kitchen and Dining Areas
Kitchen and Dining Areas
Fabulous glass and wood doors
Room with aged brick wall
Room with bohemian air
Room connected to the lounge
Storage space in the room
Modern bathroom with aged brick walls
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Spectacular House with Wide Open Spaces

By • Feb 23, 2018

This project of glass walls and wide open spaces overlooking the lake of Valle de Bravo was designed in 2017 by the architecture firm grupoarquitectura in the city of Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The volumes are spacious, with gardens and terraces facing in all directions to capture as much sunlight as possible. Aluminum parasols and shaded outdoor seating areas were also included. All floors on the top floor are oak, whereas the interior spaces of the public areas are concrete and the terraces with the pool are marble.

View of the spectacular garden and the glass wall that connects to the house
Pool area with outdoor furniture
Glass-material upper stairs

In terms of temperature, the house is very comfortable since it has an optimal orientation for all spaces and all the windows are Low-E.

It also has a system for recycling wastewater for irrigation and a system of several latest generation filters for water purification.

For water heating and electricity generation, it has 2 solar panel systems that fulfill both functions, making the house completely sustainable.

All the electrical systems of the house are automated, including lighting, audio, video, security, heating, blinds, etc., which also contributes to the economy of natural resources.

Spacious interior of concrete walls and wooden ceilings
Living room area-dining room and kitchen sharing space and in harmony
Stairs with glass railings
Spacious and modern room with concrete walls
View of the back garden at night hours
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Simple House with Privileged Views

By • Feb 20, 2018

This simple construction of galvanized metal exterior walls has a privileged location since it is placed on top of a cliff with fantastic views of the lake. Predominantly oriented to the south, the galvanized metal exterior of the house is dotted with shop windows framing views of vignettes to the south, east and west. Inside, a dividing wall runs along the rectangular interior and supports the loft structure, which seems to float over the glazed spaces of the beam. The fir boards wrap three sides of the interior like a large wooden cladding that unifies the views of the staircase, the kitchen and the living room.

View of the construction on top of the hill
Side view with lake in background
Details of the galvanized metal wall

This 1400 square foot project was completed in the year 2018 and was designed by the architecture firm Mell Lawrence Architects, under the direction of its team of architects Mell Lawrence, Scott Smith, François Levy, Krista Whitson, & Mark Winford at Silver Creek Village, United States.

Wooden walls on one side
Interior with wood clad walls

The double glass doors open to capture the view of the south, the predominant breezes and the sounds and aromas of nature, creating interior and exterior connections without interruptions when desired.
It has 14 solar panels that collect enough energy to power its intermittent use. The rainwater collected from the roof provides all the water in the home.

Kitchen with wooden walls and ceiling beams
Bathroom with aluminum bathtub and concrete walls
Entrance with wonderful views
Night view from the outside
Night view of the construction on the hill
Exterior night view
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Stunning and Modern Residence Designed for a Couple in their Seventies

By • Feb 9, 2018

This stunning contemporary residence is located in Scotch Cove, a cove in East Chester, Nova Scotia, in Canada. It was designed by Susan Fitzgerald of the Halifax based firm FBM Architecture | Interior Design in 2017 and covers a total ground area of 2,560 square feet.

External view of the long construction

The home was designed for a couple in their seventies who nevertheless practice an active lifestyle and continues to work, as well as their extended, grown-up family members. The structure was designed following a concept of organization of shelter and space, while encasing it in a building with an architecture that breathes timelessne.

Terrace with wonderful views

The main structure includes two bedrooms, a living space that is used as a gallery to celebrate family artists, a space for gathering and for games, a kitchen, a large dining area for celebrations, and a sewing room for arts and crafts. A sheltered forecourt holds an area to park cars and partake in washer toss and croquet.

Warm interior with brick and glass walls and concrete floors

The interior combines a variety of materials, such as wood, glass, and polished concrete. Such a combination results in a décor that is refreshing and contemporary, while still recalling the earthiness of the natural landscape that surrounds the structure, connecting them both together.

Dining area with glass walls
Modern dining area with wooden beams
Modern kitchen in white and wood
Night view of the terrace
Night view of the beautiful residence
Terrace with wooden roof
Exterior during night hours
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Curious House Designed as a Box Inside Another Box

By • Feb 8, 2018

Mell Lawrence Architects, an Austin based architectural firm, has designed this home — Balcones House — in 2016. The home covers a sprawling ground area of over 4,000 square feet, and is located in Austin, Texas, United States.

Exterior with concrete walls
Pool area with terrace

The home is designed in the style of a wide brimmed glass pavilion, rising from a solid concrete base. A tiny guest house sits next to the main building, a smaller echo of the style of the larger structure. Both have a view of the pool that sits in the backyard, as well as the lushly vegetated landscape that surrounds the complex.

Interior of polished concrete floors and walls
Modern living room overlooking the pool

The interior of the main building is of a curious design — the volume is a box that contains a smaller box, which itself houses the powder room, stairs, pantry, and is wrapped in untreated fir, which was chosen for its warm and tactile qualities. Steel beams, with structural fir decking, lines the ceiling, mixing warm and cool materials to create a unique and elegant effect.

Living room with glass walls

Floor to ceiling glass walls allow an easy rapport between interior and exterior on the top floor, as well as granting it spectacular views over the surrounding landscape.

Modern living room with views over the beautiful landscape
Modern kitchen in white with marble counter
Spacious room full of natural light
Room with glass walls
Storage area
Concrete walls
Bathroom with wooden floors and concrete walls

The guest house serves, while unoccupied, as a home office and art studio. This building is also conceived as a box within a box, the interior volume containing cabinetry and separating the bathroom from the front room, as well as housing a fold out desk, drawers, and a queen size bed.

View of the guest area

The guest house serves, while unoccupied, as a home office and art studio. This building is also conceived as a box within a box, the interior volume containing cabinetry and separating the bathroom from the front room, as well as housing a fold out desk, drawers, and a queen size bed.

View of the construction with its gardens
Night view of the construction
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House With Wonderful Views that Can be Enjoyed Both Inside and Outside

By • Jan 31, 2018

This house has wonderful panoramic views from all of its rooms, an undeniable privilege that automatically turns it into a special place. It has wooden shutters that slide adjusting to the position of the sun, providing privacy as well as shade, filtering the intense rays of the sun that pass through its windows.

Facade with closed lattices for privacy

It has been designed by the architectural firm Golany Architects, led by the architects Yaron Golany and Galit Golany, and is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Completed in 2016, the home occupies a total ground area of 200 meters of the lot’s total 500 square meters.

Facade with open lattices that allow the passage of light
Beautiful garden from which to enjoy the views of the mountains
Venetian blinds on both levels that allow residents to control the amount of light that flows in
Corner with glass walls that connect to the garden
Views of the mountains from the interior

The installed lattices block the views towards the interior and maintain privacy while allowing those inside the opportunity to enjoy the landscape from the comfortable interior. Windows and doors are recessed to improve climate control, creating intermediate spaces in the shaded areas out of doors. Even during the hot summer days, these measures keep the house cool and pleasant.

Interior corridor created between glass walls and lattices
View of the interior through the glass walls
Modern living room with concrete walls and floors
Effects created by lattices and glass walls
Modern Living-dining room seen from the kitchen

It was a challenge to design this residence and maintain visual continuity from the site to the horizon. The residence is designed on two floors, conserving meters of outdoor area and allowing the outdoor space to breathe. Both the house and the garden are level to obtain optimal view distance, fusing with the surrounding landscape.

Modern dining room in wood
Modern dining room with views of the mountains
Bedroom with studio area and terraces with views
Terraces with lattices to control the entrance of natural light
Bedroom with studio
Terrace connected to the bedroom
Views from the living room during sunset
Night view of the house from the outside
Night view from the gardens
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Wonderful Reconstruction of an Abandoned House

By • Jan 22, 2018

This beautiful house of 240 square meters has been designed by the architecture firm Studio 4e under the direction of its architects Fabio Costanzo, Maria Rosaria Piazza, in the year 2017 in Italy.
In it, the architects have combined a rigorous and rational approach to the project with the expressive freedom typical of organic architecture, improving the relationship between interior and exterior through a careful dialogue with the preexisting environmental context.

Road to the house bordered by green grass
Beautiful contrast of red brick walls with white

They started from an existing structure built in the 1980s, which was never finished and was finally abandoned. The architects worked by subtraction, eliminating non-significant architectural parts and restoring the building to its essential components, improving existing qualities. The spaces have been completely reconfigured according to the needs of the new owners, defining a new architectural image based on the search for a refined visual balance.

Stairs leading to the main entrance
House surrounded by beautiful green gardens
Entrance with modern wooden door
External wooden stairs
Terraces on both levels of the house
Green gardens surround the construction
View of the surrounding thick vegetation

The house is divided into two levels, the ground floor has a living room and a cozy guest room, and on the first floor there is a living room consisting of a landing, bedrooms and two large terraces. The interior spaces are remarkable for their extraordinary brightness and natural light.

Wonderful interior full of light
Interior with modern details
Details of the modern design of the wall

The ground floor is illuminated thanks to a long wall made of large sliding glass doors, which in turn ensure continuity with the interior space of the house.

Interior glazed walls with views
Modern spiral staircase
Spectacular and elegant staircase in the shape of a snail
Second level with access to the terrace
Modern bathroom in white
Elegant bathroom in modern design
Night view of the exterior
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Old Construction has been Remodeled and Converted into the Main Building of Aalto University

By • Jan 22, 2018

ALA Architects, a Helsinki based architectural firm, has completed this project in 2017. Dipoli, as the building is called, was originally constructed in 1966 by Raili and Reima Pietilä to be the Student Union at the Helsinki University of Technology. Today, it has been fully renovated and has become the main building of Aalto University, which opened its doors for the Fall Semester of 2017. Located in Espoo, Finland, the structure covers a total ground area of 12,400 square meters.

Exterior view of the construction with stone walls
Side view with glass walls

After the renovation, the building will function as a meeting place for the university administration, the academic community, and the students, and will be the base for two hundred of the university’s administrative employees. It will also continue to function as the main location for lecture events and other university festivities, as well as a display platform for the university’s research and design projects. Additionally, the building also hosts restaurants, cafeterias, and a bar which caters to both students and staff members.

Front view with high walls in green
Interior with modern access stairs
Interior spacious and full of natural light
Interior of rustic walls and ceilings

The interior is open and spacious, with large clear glass windows that allow an abundance of natural light to seep into the interior. It also allows for a clear view of the surrounding buildings and greenery, creating a dialogue between the interior and the nearby architectural elements.

Spacious interior with skylights in the ceiling
Area with modern fireplace in black
Concrete and glass walls and modern fireplace
Open space area with wooden ceilings
Stairs that connect the different levels
Internal stairs with concrete walls
Sleeping area with fireplace
Lounges connected by sliding wooden doors
Interior space with rest areas
Space with tables and walls of natural stone
Brick fireplace
Large public dining room
Public dining room with tables areas
Meeting room in vibrant colors
Large internal area with wood paneling
Large area with concrete roof with skylights
Modern concrete construction
Elegant and modern public bathroom
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Fabulous Residence Nestled in a Wooded Hill of Quebec

By • Jan 17, 2018

This wonderful two-story structure is located on a slope of a wooded hill in Quebec, Canada. It has been named “Rock” and measures 2,300 square feet (213 square meters). Its exterior has been covered with black painted wood so it mixes with the thick vegetation that surrounds it.

Black wooden structure on two levels
Terrace accompanied by a thick vegetation

The initial idea of this project was to merge with the mountain, somehow nesting the house on the land until it becomes one with the residence. The architecture firm of Montreal, Atelier General, began working with this idea in mind. The residence is accessed from the lower level, where the unit becomes a space covered by the upper floor. This portion of the building is supported by thin columns along the edge.

Spectacular interior with wooden ceilings and polished concrete floors
Modern kitchen in white and wood with black details
Dining room with glass doors
Wooden clad stairs
Modern dining room in wood with hanging lamps

Most of the upper floor is occupied by a living room and an open-plan dining room, separated from the kitchen by an incorporated island. Floor to ceiling windows wrap around the dining room, which connects to a covered terrace built along the hillside.

A master bedroom with a large bathroom and a storage room are also located on the upper level. The master bathroom has a white tile unit with tub and glass shower. White walls, polished concrete floors and laminated wood ceilings decorate the entire interior.

Covered terrace with wonderful views
Terrace covered with wood
Modern bathroom with white honeycomb tiles and bathtub
Exterior night view
Night view of the interior from the terrace
Exterior view of the house nestled in the thick forest
Full view of black wood structure
Full view of black wood structure
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A Lake House with Spectacular Views Over the Llaima Volcano

By • Jan 17, 2018

This lake house was designed by the architectural firm Rodolfo Wiedmaier Delorenzo in 2014, and is located in Curacautín (meaning “Gathering Stone”) in Mapudungun, a commune and city in the province of Malleco, in Chile. The home covers a total ground area of 470 square meters.

Spectacular natural environment of the house
House surrounded by tall, leafy trees

The home sits perched atop a mild hill, flanked by two Coihue trees, and boasts a spectacular view of the Llaima volcano and an artificial lake. The interior of the home is characterized by straight lines, though its rich wooden surfaces — made out of recycled, native wood — recall the surrounding natural landscape to mind. The result is a home that seems to bring human architectural order to the much wilder expanse of nature that surrounds it, creating a home out of the woods and forests outside. Colorful decorative accessories add a sense of life and vibrancy in the interior. Skylights and large windows allow natural light and the landscape outside to seep in.

Natural garden surrounds the house