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Villas With Wonderful Views of the Sea in Mykonos

By • Jun 13, 2017

This project, detailing a hotel located on the island of Mykonos, is one of the world’s most visited cosmopolitan destinations, offering services of only the highest quality, unmatched natural beauty, and uniquely pristine beaches. The island of Mykonos surely must be near the top of everyone’s list of vacation destinations.

It seems difficult to imagine a better place where one could disconnect from the rest of the world and enjoy the marvelous views of the sea, watch a serene sunset over the vast horizon, with breakfast on the terraces or lunch in its unbeatable restaurants, where the sea can be not only seen, but thoroughly smelled. Or, if you’re a fan of taking light strolls, the island’s narrow stone streets accompanied by immaculate white walls with a marked Mediterranean style are a more than attractive option. Truly, there are few places in the world that gather such greatness.

The fact of the matter is Mykonos has all this and more. Its beautiful installations have a special charm to them, allowing us to surround ourselves with items of stunning luxury while we enjoy the incredible landscape.

Harmonious decoration, full of contemporary furniture combined with rustic materials and details that are clearly appropriate for the area itself, create a marvelous and perfect environment in which to stay, thus allowing the occupants to enjoy and relax during their stay.

The villas with terraces and private infinity pools are unparalleled locations for majestic honeymoons, filled with more than enough opportunity to be thoroughly romantic and never forgotten. Much like its beautiful bedrooms, where the Mediterranean style its present in its decoration style, thus making it a magical and abundantly charming place to be.

Restaurant area with beautiful views of the sea
Spa area with private pool
Exterior paths
Roofed pool
Bedroom with views of the ocean
Bedroom with Mediterranean decoration
Nocturnal view of the ocean
Nocturnal view of the pool

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