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$7 Million Residence in San Francisco by John Maniscalco Architecture

By • Apr 9, 2011 •  Selected Work 

The Russian Hill Residence was designed by John Maniscalco Architecture and is located in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood.

This 5,800 square foot LEED Platinum home features three bedrooms, 5 full baths, three gas fireplace, two gas fire pits, one on the roof deck and one in the garden and an elevator to all floors.

According to Sotheby’s, it’s “central, open-plan living area adapts easily to casual evenings or formal entertaining.

Downstairs, an entertainment room opens onto a secluded garden with fountain and fire pit. Upstairs, a cantilevered stairway and glass-floored walkway separate the master suite from two additional bedrooms, each with private bath.

On the roof, a deck with panoramic bay views adjoins a room with full bath that might welcome guests, house an au pair or serve as an in-home office.”

Russian Hill Residence by John Maniscalco Architecture:

“This new four-story home establishes an understated but dignified urban presence on an atypically wide San Francisco site.

A transitional two-story glass-walled entry hall draws users to an airy and open living level.

An increasingly light stair element transitions from floor to floor ultimately arriving at a roof deck enjoying panoramic views.”

Photos by: Paul Dyer

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24 Comments to $7 Million Residence in San Francisco by John Maniscalco Architecture
  1. m.o. says:

    No children live here.

  2. A.Digest says:

    Wow. The architect really out did himself here- he made boxes. That takes talent. The client really got their money’s worth!

  3. Allan says:

    Which will be all worth nothing when the next earthquake hits.

    • kd-01 says:

      It will be the only house standing since it has steel moment frames and is designed to withstand a pretty decent earthquak

  4. Martin Thomas says:

    It’s horrible. Looks like a furniture showroom. A piece of IKEA’s ‘Modern Living’ section. With all the warmth and comfort of an airport lounge. Still as long as the client likes it it’s all somewhat irrelevant. And so bland. Beige on beige.

  5. BeeJay says:

    Ugh. (What, no drain in the shower?)

  6. Pell Martinson says:

    Oh please! Is the lot priced at $6 Million? Because certainly, the house design is barely worth $1 Million! What a disgrace for the architects to have charged so much for what turned out to be so little. There is NOTHING inspriing about this design: not 7 MILLION dollars worth!!!

  7. bbd says:

    exteriors are interesting, interiors are banal. I wonder if the owners feel they got their money’s worth…probably.

  8. blue says:

    Warm, cozy little pied-à-terre – reminds me of grans house…
    Oh, Gran used to get so cross when we’d spill cocoa on her $8000 couch.

  9. Shelbin says:

    Can someone please explain why there are 5 FULL bathrooms, but only 3 bedrooms? Seems like a huge waste of valuable space to me.

  10. Ken says:

    Wow, this house is amazing. I love the how it stands out in a historic neighborhood. You could reproduce the look of this house’s furnishings really easily for a lot less than what they probably spent. I seen several things that you can get at Khole’s and Target.

  11. Kay N. says:

    Not my style at all. Seems very cold, hard lines and not very welcoming.

  12. Rebekka Þórsdóttir says:

    Ugh, could anybody live there?
    It just looks like a museum where everything should be labelled ‘do not touch, sit on, lie on or have fun near’

  13. HD says:

    love it! my future house…. nice work!

  14. DDekor says:

    Very beautiful, love it

  15. Lp says:

    Modern houses just dont look warm and comfortable. They look cold and rigid.

  16. Holly says:

    Why people keep going to the beiges, browns, whites and greys or off olive greys these days I will just never know. I’m hoping its just a phase like peach, salmons and pinks were in the 90s. I pray in 5 years everybody just paints over them and there will be some real color in the world again.

    Its like the same colors that come out of your cats litter box why the crap would you want it throughout your living space… blah

  17. Maude says:

    Has all the warmth of an office building or private clinic. Not in the least homey or comforting. Sterile.

  18. Design Feria says:

    I like brown colors, but this home are cold. I prefer more warm designs!

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