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Desert Nomad House in Arizona by Rick Joy Architects

By • May 4, 2011 •  Selected Work 

Designed by architect Rick Joy and built in 2005, the Desert Nomad House sits on nearly five acres of pristine desert in Arizona at the base of the Tucson Mountains and Saguaro National Monument.

The luxury house is composed of three seperate rusted steel and glass cubes, each with a unique and dynamic view of the Soronan desert.

Each building is basically one space with a bathroom: a 780 square-foot living/kitchen/dining area, a 440 square-foot bedroom  and a 200-square-foot office/guest room.

Desert retreat, private museum and residence: the award winning Desert Nomad House offers a perfect alternative to the usual luxury spa retreat and can be booked from $400 for a single night to $8000 per month.

The property is also available for sale for $975,000.

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Photos courtesy of DNH and CrosbyDoeProperties

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