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Sotogrande House by A-cero Architects

By Eric Meunier


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Spanish architectural firm A-cero has completed the two story Sotogrande House in August 2010.

This 4,300 square foot concrete house is located in Cadiz, a city and port in southwestern Spain.

Sotogrande House by A-cero Architects:

“A-cero has chosen the white colour as the main element in the house’s decoration in order to provide clarity and luminosity to the interior areas. Furthermore, white colour has been chosen because it creates a relaxation atmosphere according to the playful intentions of the owners.

In the exterior areas you can find a 90m2 swimming pool and wide recreation places in order to celebrate meetings and social events.

The house’s structure is a cubic volume. It has an area of almost 400 m2 and it is distributed in two floors. The most public spaces are in the ground floor: lounge, dining room, hall and a cleaning room. The kitchen, servant quarters and four bedrooms are in this level too. All the rooms have access to the exterior areas.

The furniture, designed by A-cero, includes lacquered modern pieces. White and beige woods have a main role in the furniture. In some places there are some details of dark wood which break the predominant white colour.

Owners have given to the house a personal style. They have included several pieces in the house’s decoration as a Piet Hein lamp or a chair set in the games room.

In conclusion, this is a comfortable and functional house for summer holidays where the white colour has the main role according to the typical architecture of the region where it is located.”

Photos courtesy of A-cero

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