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5-Star Indigo Pearl Hotel in Phuket, Thailand

Set against a backdrop of dense rain-forest filled with rare wildlife, Indigo Pearl unfolds along Phuket’s sheltered northern shore – a beach front property of golden sand and uninterrupted views of the Andaman Sea.

Near both the airport and many of Phuket’s finest beaches, Indigo Pearl is a world of its own, a seductive setting of lush plantation – silvery-blue palms, fragrant plumbago, sharp, sword-like mother-in-law’s tongue and splashes of scarlet and gold bird-of-paradise.

The 5 star hotel features 3 swimming pools. A sumptuous family pool with an exclusive non smoking children’s pool section, and 2 adults only infinity pools.

Accommodation consists of 177 rooms spread among the Kelly Quarters, Plantation Villas, Pearl Bed Suites, and Private Garden Villas.

Photos courtesy of Indigo pearl

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