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Courtyard House VW by Areal Architecten

By Sophie Johnson


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This contemporary residence by Areal Architecten was built in Affligem, Belgium in 2011.

The project’s rural location inspired the designers to create a modern farmstead that exists in harmony with its natural landscape.

Courtyard House VW by Areal Architecten:

“The task involves building a spacious family home in rural Affligem, near Brussels.

The area with a width of 25 m has a significant height, rising to the rear of the plot.

The wishes of the client and the optimum utilization of the potentials of the plot led to the design of a large volume that reaches to the boundaries of the building plot.

Around a sheltered courtyard organizing the functions of daily life as a contemporary farmstead.

The topography of the land is respected and this creates subtly different relationships between indoor and outdoor space.

The upper floor has been implanted in a way that the insulation is not hindered, the entrance is provided with an impressive cantilever and all rooms enjoy a splendid view of the landscaped garden.

The contract was extended with a design for the garden paving and a pool house, which is in harmony with the landscaping and the pool to create an oasis of peace.

By light and textured material choices a surprisingly southern atmosphere is created in this northern climate.”

First Level
Second Level

Photos by: Thomas De Bruyne

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