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Meadowview by Platform 5 Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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Meadowview, located in rural Bedfordshire, England, was constructed by Platform 5 Architects.

Designed as a family home for a retired couple, the home design mixes the rustic feel of the countryside with carefully manicured gardens and tastefully chosen pieces of furniture.

Meadowview by Platform 5 Architects:

“The site lies on the edge of a ribbon development village in rural Bedfordshire and is surrounded by mature trees, hedgerows and arable fields. A sweet chestnut clad box is cantilevered off a solid masonry and glass plinth, from across the fields, it looks like it is floating over the hedgerows.

The house incorporates sustainable technologies such as rainwater recycling and a ventilation system with heat recovery. The landscaping forms a transition between the domestic and agricultural environments.”

Site Plan

Photos courtesy of Platform 5 Architects

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