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Artist Residence & Studio by Caliper Studio

By Sophie Johnson


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Caliper Studio created this contemporary space for the wife of the late Roy Lichtenstein in Greenwich Village, New York, New York, USA.

It includes a sculpture garden and unique ‘eyebrow’ skylights that bring light into the art studio below.

Artist Residence & Studio by Caliper Studio:

“A new sculpture garden connects the 2nd floor roof level of two existing buildings used by the late artist Roy Lichtenstein and his family. Still the West Village home of his widow, Dorothy, the new garden features two of Roy Lichtenstein’s outdoor sculptures. The project also includes the renovation of a guest apartment and penthouse office with views of the garden.

The planted roof’s sedum carpet partially covers two eyebrow skylights over the artist studio below. Designed to modulate light, the thin shell skylights were built using innovative fabrication technologies. Their complex geometry was realized through computer milled formwork coupled with a sprayed‐on concrete technique often used in the construction of tunnels.

Preservation of the artist’s studio was a primary design objective of the project. Careful technical detailing of the building’s envelope help ensure the longevity of the studio. The quality of the space and its character has been maintained through original artifacts including the artist’s built‐in wall easel system and paint‐splattered floor.”


Photos by: Ty Cole

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