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Faraway Foray

By Magaly Grosso


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This warm and elegant apartment is located in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York.

With a cozy interior perfect for any visitors intending to enjoy the Big Apple, this apartment is available for short-term rental.

Faraway Foray:

“Faraway foray

West Street is an otherworldly vessel, a noble, expansive loft home bark moored at the cusp of sea and city. Originally a spice factory, its vintage wood beams and commanding exposed brick speak of seafaring strength, while beaming glass, fine-cut stone, burnished steel, and renowned Scandinavian design principles – including a private sauna – whip up that polish that every urban explorer expects. With four bedrooms and three -and -a -half bathrooms laid out across two riverfront-view floors, it’s fantastically spacious and strikingly well lit without sacrificing a gram of glamour or convenience. So, then: to tide or to shore, darling wanderer?

Trade routes

Your hosts are a close-knit clan of three with roots in Sweden and the Midwest. By day this power couple is dedicated to financial and creative pursuits; by evening, they’re magnanimous hosts folks who cherish any opportunity to welcome wayfarers – and there is always an overseas journey of their own in the wings when wanderlust strikes.

Jelling Stone

A bulwark between the gentle riverside tides and the inland settlements of the West Village, West Street’s weathered nautical might is just as you would expect. An open-plan living space encompasses gathering in the dining room, living room, and kitchen. The hefty, rough-cut wooden beams – the building’s originals – are the primary motif, while broad, bleached planks provide a subtle counterpoint underfoot.

Expeditions below decks reveal a gas-lit fireplace and a sauna and tub whereat to exchange tales of times on rougher seas. A suite of quarters on this floor – including a playroom, a den, and an additional kitchen – each offer lovelier waterfront vistas than before. Until you ship away westward, what sweeter harbour is there than West Street?

Viking Age

Many are acquainted with the West Village, but the neighbourhood’s far western frontier – with a powerful sense of history and an artistic, bohemian essence – is a special delight. Landscaped piers and paths are perfect for sun salutations (or, simply, sunning), yoga, jogging, or bicycling. Sally out to forage any number of world-class restaurants local to the area, or pick up subway lines at the Canal Street, Spring Street, or Houston Street stations for longer journeys.”

Photos courtesy of One Fine Stay

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