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Melkbos by SAOTA

Melkbos is a family home located in Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, South Africa.

It was designed by SAOTA in 2001, and it presents an airy and light space, with skylights and an abundance of windows.

Melkbos by SAOTA:

“This family home, created by SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects is located approximately 30km (19mi) from Cape Town along the idyllic but also extremely harsh West Coast.

The form and siting of the house is strongly orientated around views. On entering the house, the focus turns completely to the sea facing side of the home, which opens up and embraces the landscape of the West Coast.

The road facing screen wall which mirrors the roughness of the landscape, is separated from the refined and highly detailed living spaces by a skylight which runs the full length of the house. From this screening element, the house is organized in a linear manner with all rooms facing magnificent sea views. The interior is minimalistic and completely functional. Floor to ceiling cavity sliding glazing allow the living areas to open up to the landscape.

Light and spacious indoor / outdoor living areas make this home perfect for those who wish to escape the City life. The house has almost taken on the personality of its surroundings and allows one to engage with the exquisitely beautiful rough and weather-beaten Coast.”

Photos courtesy of SAOTA

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