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Small is Beautiful: Tiny Project by Alek Lisefski

By • Jan 6, 2014 •  Selected Work 

Web designer Alek Lisefski recently completed the Tiny Project, an 8 feet by 20 feet tiny house on wheels.

He designed every inch of this unique home and did most of the construction himself as well (the bulk of the work was completed evenings and weekends during the spring and summer months).

About a month ago, Lisefski towed it from Iowa to its current location in Sebastopol, California, USA.

Since then, he’s been living in the house full-time, along with his girlfriend Anjali and their small dog.

Tiny Project by Alek Lisefski:

“The house features a modern, passive solar design with 10 windows and a full-glass door for tons of light; high-end stainless appliances including a 2-burner marine-style propane range, propane on-demand hot water heater, compact combo washer/dryer unit, and refrigerator with freezer; sustainable blue-stain beetle-kill ponderosa pine ceiling/wall/loft floor; clear grade cedar siding, 3 inches of closed-cell spray foam insulation throughout, full custom hand-planed trim, built-in storage and shelving, etc.

Due to it’s tiny size and materials used it is incredibly efficient. All it needs to operate is an extension cord and water hose from the main house on the property where it’s parked. Once parked in a more permanent location, solar panels, water collection, etc will be added to make it as self-sustaining as possible.

Tiny houses are one way in which the next generation will be able to overcome our country’s current economic disparity and ever-rising housing and land costs. Hopefully, this little house can inspire others to choose a similar way of living.”

Photos by: Alek Lisefski

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4 Comments to Small is Beautiful: Tiny Project by Alek Lisefski
  1. Andrew JD says:

    Beautiful! I’ve wanted to get a tiny house for quite some time. This is more motivation! It’s the future!!

  2. mary says:

    May I ask how much this beautiful house cost? This is a gorgeous tiny home!

  3. David says:

    The toilet is a bucket. No thanks.

  4. SJ says:

    How much was this? And how long did it take to build?

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