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A Renovation Project by House Design

This renovation project was carried out by House Design.

Located in Pingtung County in Taiwan, it consisted of the complete renovation of a building that had fallen into disuse, and which was turned into a lovely and airy private residence.

A Renovation Project by House Design:

“As the city progresses through developments of modernization, is that antiqued house that once stood on its own prosperously destined to fade into the state of oblivion?

The idea of preserving instead of demolishing should not only be worth pondering on, but also practiced on. By the hands of the talented young designer, Ivan Chen, and his dedicated team at House Design, that very house, seemingly unused for years, now rises ever so strongly in a form of its past mixed with its bright future.

The renovation project carried out by the team turned what was used to be a filthy dark alley adjacent to the building to an open deck, integrated naturally into the house, and thus enlarging the interior. After tearing down the wall that separated the house and the alley, the team built a hard-wood deck with plethora of garden plants alongside. No fancy decorates were necessities as the reminiscent parts of the house were more than enough to make the owner home. With a simple renovation of the interior and the new open deck, not only was the house rejuvenated, but also was the owner, now lying back comfortably at an arm chair on the deck, and indulging himself in a combination of sunlight and fresh air.

While the city continues to develop, the owner finds a cozy corner at his house where he can take a slower pace of living, enjoying a book and a sip of memory those modern look condos can’t provide.”

Photos courtesy of Ivan Chen, House Design

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