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House P by Frohring Ablinger Architekten

Located in Austria, House P was designed by Frohring Ablinger Architekten.

The interior is clean and with a minimalist mindset, making it feel fresh.

House P by Frohring Ablinger Architekten:

“Above the village center of a small district town in Upper Austria, the client was able to buy a plot in a unique location. The plot excels in a splendid panoramic view not only on the historical center but also on the Alps.

After a small architectural competition, the decision was made in favor of our design, which consistently convinced the client and which has been modified only slightly until completion.

Because of the slope, the single functions of the house (sleeping / living / leisure) could be stacked, which was been a request of the owners from the beginning, without waiving of generous natural lighting and associated with different insights and views. The hospitable family wanted a clear distinction between general, for guests accessible areas and private rooms.

The top floor with the bedrooms of the family holds smaller illumination openings due to the desired privacy. These are placed in order to prevent unwanted insights but nevertheless create fascinating views. On the ground floor with the living areas, wide openings establish differentiated views and each room receives its own unique characteristics and atmosphere. Here is next to the main terrace with access to pool a small, three-sided borders terrace with an open fireplace to relax and “chill out”.

Each floor receives its own ideal orientation in accordance to his functions. This results in staggered parts, whose projections and recesses can be used as a protected outdoor spaces.”

First Level
Second Level
Third Level

Photos by: Andrew Phelps

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