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Mountain Chalets That Keep You Warm All Year Round

By Gabriela Vatu


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Chalets are the perfect vacation and getaway destination, especially if they are in the mountains. There is something unique and inviting about them. Therefore, instead of taking a trip down to the beach for a family getaway, why not go and explore a mountain chalet. Mountain chalets are beautiful from the inside out. This is mainly due to their impeccable view. The following mountain chalets will not only make you want to vacation in one, but they can keep you warm all year round.

Marco Polo Chalet

Located in the heart of Val d’Isère, the France the Marco Polo chalet is all that and more. Its beauty extends from the inside out. Not only is the inside of the residence breathtaking with luxury pieces, elegant décor, and glass walls, but the outside is just as beautiful. The home offers multiple glass doors that allow you to experience the beauty of the mountains from the warmth of the fireplace indoors. Although, there are numerous glass doors you also have the option of sitting on the terrace and enjoying the view from up close.

The Blanche Chalet

Designed by ACDF Architecture the blanche chalet has the perfect quiet, cozy, and simple atmosphere. The modern aspect of it comes from its structure. Due to its structure, this chalet was designed to adequately showcase the panoramic view of its surroundings. Its large windows and 360 degree fenestration combine the outdoor space with the beauty of the indoors to provide a seamless mesh between the two.

Chalet Panorama

This breathtaking chalet in Saint-Siméon, Quebec, Canada was designed to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. The Chalet Panorama foundation was created with parallel concrete blades that allow the water to naturally flow underneath the home. Due to the structure of the residence, the natural elements help it flow organically without missing a hitch. With large windows the home allows you to see out into the outdoors from any room in the home.

Laurentian Ski Chalet

Modern is the perfect description of this chalet. Located Lac Archambault, Quebec, Canada, Laurentian ski chalet has an elevation of 2,435 feet above sea level. Due to the large above sea level elevation, this chalet provides 100 miles of panoramic views that surround the home. The home is accessed through an entry bridge because of the elevation. Its view is so breathtaking that the kitchen and dining area have a 27-foot- long bay window that runs throughout with window seating. The idea is to have a space where you can sit an enjoy the view from two places at once.

Chalet Bolton-EST

Chalet Bolton- EST has a small yet spacious feel that is like no other. As soon as you enter the house, it just feels like home. Its cozy with a touch of modern and contemporary. The bright yellow accent wall makes the entire home appear more-lively while still being warm. Its inside and outside are mainly composed of wood. Therefore, although it is a chalet it also has a hint of cabin feel.

Chalet Eden

When you first picture a mountain chalet, a chalet like Chalet Eden may be exactly what first comes to mind. This mountain chalet is the ideal residence for a vacation even during the summer time. Made of different wood from top to bottom this chalet is a site of its own. The inside has been decorated in a neutral manner that enhances the outdoor beauty. To top that all off the chalet offers 3 levels with a private pool and spa making it a picturesque residence.

Chalet Baltoro

Chalet Baltoro is the ultimate vacation upgrade. Its gorgeous interior décor screams luxury. This hotel was created with ‘vacation’ in mind. It offers all the luxuries we all wish we had right at home. The hotel itself offers a private pool and spa accompanied by gourmet food that was created by a chief right at the chalet Baltoro. The beauty of this chalet is indescribable the inside is luxurious while the outside is magical and relaxing. Combining the two makes the space a beauty to be seen.

Chalet Karakorama


Pack your most luxurious clothing and prepare to be wowed by Chalet Karakorama. Located Courchevel 1850, in the French Alps, this chalet is one for the books. Its relaxing interior design was constructed to provide a home away from home feel. The idea was to have a welcoming space that was upscale and luxurious every bit of the way. Chalet Karakorama is a four-floor residence that is lined with modern technology along the way. One of the greatest aspects of this chalet is its privacy feature. Once you come to this residence, you will receive your very own butler, private chalet area, chef and daily housekeeping there is even an elevator!

Chalet Pearl

Chalet Pearl is filled with picturesque views that can be compared to those of a Christmas postcard. With its rough carved wooden walls, heavy ceilings, and its picturesque mountain views, this chalet is a must see. Its cabin feel has caused this chalet to be one of the most beautiful sights in the middle of the Nogentil area, in Belle Cote. This chalet was created round the idea of having a comfortable space that is calming yet elegant, and luxurious.

The Chalet Les Gentianes 1850

With its rustic, elegance The Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 is one of a kind. This chalet exuberates a relaxing feel. There is something calming from the very moment you see this residence. It was built in a sympathetic alpine style with the main focus being country chic. There is wood throughout the entire space. From top to bottom, which is where the relaxing, yet warming feel comes from.

To conclude, these chalets are one of a kind and we absolutely love them. Which of these mountain chalets do you want to visit?

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